Frank McRae

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Frank McRae

Frank McRae was known for his multiple talents in football, acting, and comedic performance. Born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 18, 1941, McRae was a proud alumnus of Tennessee State University, where he earned a double major in drama and history.

He went on to play professional football as a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears in the 1967 NFL season, appearing in 6 games.

However, it was his acting career that truly put Frank McRae on the map. He tackled a range of diverse characters, from the bank robber Reed Youngblood in Dillinger to the shouting police captain in 48 Hrs. and the history teacher, Mr. Teasdale, in Red Dawn. He also made an impact as James Bond’s ally Sharkey in Licence to Kill, the former boxing champion Harry Noble in Batteries Not Included, and a protective trucker in The Wizard.


Frank McRae was also a sought-after collaborator, frequently appearing alongside stars like Sylvester Stallone and John Candy. He made a lasting impact as one of two bumbling subordinates in the film 1941, and was equally hilarious as a Walley World security guard in National Lampoon’s Vacation, and a memorable performance as Jim the clumsy mechanic in Used Cars. He made his final on-screen appearance as Cookie in the Hallmark Channel original films Love’s Long Journey and Love’s Abiding Joy.

Frank McRae passed away on April 29, 2021, in Santa Monica, California at the age of 80. However, his impact on both football and acting will forever be remembered, as a testament to his versatile talent and larger-than-life personality.