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John Wyman

John Wyman was a British actor whose first taste of fame came in the 1970s when he was cast as The Mighty Ajax in a series of UK television commercials for Ajax cleaning products. His portrayal of the tough and efficient cleaner won him accolades and made him a household name. The character’s signature move, a powerful slash of his arm, became an iconic moment in British advertising history.

Despite his success in commercials, Wyman was determined to break into the world of film and television. He landed a series of roles in popular television shows, including The Onedin Line, Star Maidens, Blake’s 7, The Fourth Arm and Tales of the Unexpected. His talent and versatility were quickly recognized, and he was offered roles in several films.

In 1977, John Wyman made his film debut in Sidney Lumet’s Equus, alongside Richard Burton and Joan Plowright. The following year, he starred in Revenge of the Pink Panther and Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate, and appeared in the fantasy film Arabian Adventure in 1979. However, it was his casting as Erich Kriegler in Bond movie For Your Eyes Only that would prove to be his biggest role.


Wyman’s portrayal of the villainous KGB henchman earned him critical acclaim, but he only starred in 3 more films. These included nightclub bouncer Cliff Twemlow in the 1982 film Tuxedo Warrior, and then nine years later the captain of the spaceship Firestar in the 1991 film Firestar – First Contact.

His last known performance came four years later in 1995 film Jade, where he played a cop.