Michael Gorevoy

Michael Gorevoy Biography

Michael Gorevoy as Vladimir Popov

Mikhail Vitalievich Gorevoy (Michael Gorevoy), born on May 19, 1965, is a renowned Soviet and Russian actor, sometimes credited as Michael Gor in English language productions.

He is best known internationally for his performance as Vladimir Popov in the James Bond movie Die Another Day. Additionally, he played the role of Ivan Alexandrovich Schischkin in Bridge of Spies.

Gorevoy graduated with honors from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1987 and commenced his acting career at the Sovremennik Theatre. He made his film debut in the 1988 Russian film Step, directed by Alexander Mitta.


In 1992, Gorevoy traveled to the United States and resided in New York City and Boston, where he worked various jobs including teaching the Stanislavski method. In 1996, Gorevoy returned to Russia and established his own theater.

Gorevoy’s son, Dmitriy, has also pursued an acting career.