Bond and Moneypenny Finally Kiss

James Bond and Miss Moneypenny Share a Passionate Kiss

Miss Moneypenny is James Bond’s trusty sidekick. She stands by him every time he’s in trouble with their boss, M, and their professional relationship is often full of flirtatious energy.

She is secretary to M, the head of MI6, and serves as an assistant to Bond and a romantic foil for him. Miss Moneypenny is often portrayed as having a crush on Bond, and while she flirts with him and makes it clear that she really fancies him, their relationship never seems to go the extra mile.

Miss Moneypenny’s feelings for Bond are a consistent theme throughout the film series, and it is clear that she has a deep affection for him. But, she also knows their relationship is doomed to remain unfulfilled, as Bond is a womanizer who isn’t capable of committing to one woman.


Despite her feelings for Bond, Miss Moneypenny is also professional and maintains a respectful distance from him. Or does she?

Miss Moneypenny caught in the act with VR glasses on

Miss Moneypenny Gets What She Always Wanted: a Kiss from Bond

From Dr. No to No Time to Die the flirtatious relationship between Moneypenny and Bond has kept fans devouring the popcorn in anticipation that something might happen. Well it already has, hasn’t it?

The end scene of 1997’s Die Another Day Miss Moneypenny, played by Samantha Bond, and Pierce Brosnan as James Bond get it on in her office late one night.

With the case now closed and job done, Moneypenny is wrapping up for the night when Bond pays her a surprising visit.

She’s the only one in the office, and is as surprised as the audience watching, but he’s there and the cheeky flirting all of a sudden turns into a magnetic chemistry between the two.

She saunters over to Bond and grabs his tie trying to look innocent. As the romantic soundtrack reverberates in the background, they gaze into each other’s eyes before finally locking lips.

Watch how Moneypenny and Bond get it on late one night…

It’s the moment Bond fans had been waiting over 35 years for, and finally Bond and Moneypenny were really getting it on.

With a bit of determination, James shews Moneypeny towards her desk and lays her down while pushing the office printer onto the floor to make space.

Shaking with excitement as Bond hovers over her, the music crescendos, their passion intensifies and ‘Oh James…’ are the only words that escape her lips as she leans in for a passionate kiss. But then…!

The next scene, Q, played by John Cleese, is standing there at the door of her office looking perplexed. ‘Moneypenny…?’ he enquires with an air of confusion. The romantic music cuts out immediately and Moneypenny jumps up from her desk wearing a pair of virtual reality glasses.

Out of breath, Moneypenny takes the VR glasses off and tells Q, ‘Urm… I was, urm… I was just testing these out,’ she embarrassingly tells Q as she buttons up her blouse.

Miss Moneypenny and James Bond kiss

It’s All in Her Head

The James Bond movies are more akin to danger, action and love scenes, but this romantic kiss moment, albeit in Moneypenny’s virtual reality, is an iconic scene and definitely one of Miss Moneypenny’s best throughout the Bond series.

In reality, the glasses have tricked Moneypenny into believing what isn’t real, but it’s a testament to their chemistry that the illusion was so convincing.

The moment serves as an unexpected twist in an excellent Bond movie, and shows just how powerful technology can be when used in creative ways.

The fact that the kiss was imagined by her and played out in virtual reality also adds an element of tragedy to Miss Moneypenny’s character. She’s left pining for a man who will never be able to give her the love and devotion she desires.

And of course, many Bond fans would love to see the two of them kiss for real, but even now after 25 more years, we still wait, just not with heavy breath like Moneypenny.