Bond, James Bond – The Iconic Introduction Scene

Bond, James Bond – The Iconic Introduction Scene

The ‘Bond, James Bond’ introduction scene is one of the most iconic moments in not just Bond history, but cinematic history. And while it’s not quite the opening scene to the first Bond movie Dr. No, many regard it as.

When James Bond first hit our screens back in 1962, there was no plan for a six-decade long franchise, and no big opening scene that the movie franchise has become famous for.

The opening scene sets the movie up with hitmen Three Blind Mice ruthlessly murdering the Head of MI6 in Jamaica, John Strangways and his secretary.


The next scene, about 4 minutes in is where we see James Bond, 007 for the very first time, and what an introduction it is.

Bond, James Bond – Hello World

The scene in Dr. No is not only memorable for introducing audiences to the suave and sophisticated secret agent, but also for establishing the formula that would continue in following Bond movies.

Sylvia Trench and James Bond meeting each other in the posh club

The scene is played at Les Cercle, a private club in London where Bond is sat playing card game Baccarat around a card table with Sylvia Trench among other players. We only see Bond from the back and his hands while dealing cards from the shoe.

Bond is playing the game expertly and winning every hand, and a frustrated Sylvia Trench orders another £1000, so she can continue playing.

Bond solicits, ‘I admire your courage, Miss Uh…?’ ‘Trench, Sylvia Trench,’ she tells him. ‘And I admire your luck, Mr…?’

The camera then pans out to reveal Sean Connery as Bond from the front, as he smoothly lights a cigarette and counters with the iconic phrase, ‘Bond, James Bond.’

His introduction is accompanied by the first ever hearing of the now-famous Bond music. It really sets the scene and introduces the world to the most debonair and sophisticated secret agent on the planet.

Throughout the scene, Bond expertly plays the card game, and wins every game that we see, but the scene shows us a glimpse of his cool and confident demeanour. Of course, he exudes charm, tact and savoir-faire, and it’s clear that Sylvia Trench is interested in him, even if she’s frustrated at losing.

The iconic ‘Bond, James Bond.’ introduction scene in Dr. No

Trench’s eyes are flirting with Bond and she asks him to raise the game, to which Bond has no objections, beguilingly telling her, ‘It looks like you’ll have to get me.’ And with her provocative eyes, Trench quickly flirts, ‘It’s an idea at that.’

Bond wins the next game again, and is then sent a message, probably about Strangways’ murder, and so he tells the dealer he has to “pass the shoe” in the game of Baccarat, and apologizes to Trench before getting up to leave.

The Bond music is introduced again as Sylvia Trench gets up to talk with Bond as he is leaving the club. Bond asks her if she plays any other game, to which she discloses her passion for ‘golf among other things.’

‘Tomorrow afternoon then,’ Bond angles a date as he walks to the cashier. ‘Tomorrow?’ Trench appeals, and Bond ends the scene cheekily enquiring if ‘they can have dinner afterwards.’

Sylvia Trench in Dr No

The exchange sets Sylvia Trench up to be Bond’s first flame, and establishes 007’s reputation as a ladies’ man. It also sets the stage for the movie series’ iconic Bond girls, a provocatively innovating move as back then female actresses played more homely parts in movies.

The Iconic Line That Almost Never Was

‘Bond, James Bond’ has gone down in cinema history, but it was never meant to be part of the movie. The original script had Bond saying, ‘I am James Bond,’ but Sean Connery thought this was too weak.

The Scottish actor worked on it and improvised with what we have. But the scene took a few attempts to create the perfect scene. Eventually, Connery hit it just right – pausing between “Bond” and “James Bond” lighting up a cigarette. And with it history was made.

Eunice Gayson said the scene almost never happened thanks to Sean Connery being so nervous.

‘I’d known Sean for years and I’d never seen him so nervous as he was on that day because of all these delays. He had to say “Bond, James Bond,” but he came out with other permutations like Sean Bond, James Connery. ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ ” recalls Gayson.

‘Terence Young told me to take him away for a drink – even though he was meant to be on the wagon, so I took him off for a drink or two and he came back on set and said, “Bond, James Bond.” It was so wonderful. The day took off from that moment – he was so relaxed.’

And the rest is history.

The Most Iconic Introduction

The ‘Bond, James Bond’ scene in Dr. No is a classic moment in movie history. It introduced audiences to the suave and debonair secret agent and set the tone for the series, establishing the formula that would be followed in subsequent Bond films.

The 3 short words makes up one of the most iconic and recognizable phrases in world cinema. It has been used in most Bond movies since, and it has been parodied and referenced countless times in popular culture.

There have been many iconic scenes in every Bond movie. But with the coolness and equanimity that Sean Connery exudes in the scene is the perfect introduction to 007.