Bond Meets Blofeld: ‘My name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld’

Bond Meets Blofeld: ‘My name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld’

The scene in You Only Live Twice (1967) where Bond meets Blofeld for the first time is a classic moment in Bond and cinema history, as it’s the first time we ever get to see Blofeld’s face.

As the music plays in the background, we hear orders being given to stop an astronaut boarding the shuttle and to bring him to Blofeld.

‘You made a mistake my friend,’ says Blofeld as we still only hear his voice. ‘No astronaut would enter the capsule carrying his air conditioner. Remove his helmet,’ he orders.


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Bond’s helmet is removed, and surprised Blofeld says, ‘James Bond,’ as the tension rises. ‘Allow me to introduce myself… I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld.’ he says as he turns in his chair and coldly reveals his face for the first time.

‘They told me were assassinated in Hong Kong,’ Blofeld says. ‘Yes, this is my second life,’ says Bond before Blofeld tells him, ‘You only live twice, Mr. Bond.’

The conversation takes a dark turn as Blofeld explains his plan to start a war between America and Russia, with his organization ultimately dominating the world.

This scene, starring Sean Connery as Bond and Donald Pleasence as Blofeld, is a masterclass in tension-building, and we are left eager to see what will happen next. The introduction of Ernst Stavro Blofeld is particularly effective, as we see his badly scarred face, his very cold demeanour, and we his enigma and control is laid out before us instead of having to keep guessing who or what he is.

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