Kissy Suzuki

Kissy Suzuki

Kissy Suzuki, a character from Ian Fleming’s 1964 James Bond novel, You Only Live Twice, is brought to life by actress Mie Hama in the 1967 film adaptation.

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James Bond goes undercover as a local fisherman to investigate mysterious events on a small Japanese island. Kissy Suzuki, an agent employed by Tiger Tanaka, is assigned to assist Bond on his mission due to her adventurous spirit and Ama diving expertise.

To maintain their cover, Bond and Suzuki participate in a staged wedding, enabling Bond to continue his investigation discreetly among the islands of Japan.


At Suzuki’s home, she tells Bond their relationship is strictly professional. Later that evening, she shares local gossip about an Ama girl’s mysterious death in a mainland cave connected to a nearby volcano. Intrigued, Bond and Kissy Suzuki decide to investigate the cave the next day.

Upon entering the cave, Bond and Suzuki quickly realize the presence of poisonous gas and flee by swimming underwater to safety. Once ashore, they continue their investigation, sharing a brief intimate moment before seeing a helicopter flying into the seemingly dormant volcano. They soon discover that the volcano’s “roof” is actually a metal door concealing SPECTRE’s secret base.

As Bond infiltrates the base, Suzuki returns to Tanaka to report their findings. During her swim, a SPECTRE helicopter attacks her, but she skillfully evades it using her Ama diving expertise.

After reuniting with Tanaka, Kissy leads him and his ninjas back to the base to help Bond. During the ensuing battle, Suzuki saves Tanaka’s life by shooting a SPECTRE henchman, before she and Bond find each other amidst the chaos.

Kissy Suzuki and James Bond

When Ernst Stavro Blofeld triggers explosions that destroy the entire base, Bond and Kissy lead the escape through the cave by swimming to safety. They manage to get to safety on a raft, while they witness the destruction of Blofeld’s base.

Just as they decide to enjoy their “honeymoon,” a submarine emerges to rescue them.

Mie Hama

Born on November 20, 1943, Mie Hama is a Japanese actress, television presenter, radio host, and author.

Hama’s career took off with her roles as Fumiko Sakurai in the 1962 Godzilla film, King Kong vs. Godzilla, which she starred in along with fellow Bond girl, Akiko Wakabayashi who played Aki in You Only Live Twice.

Actually, Mie Hama was supposed to play the role of Aki, but the two actresses swapped roles as Hama’s English wasn’t as strong, and so she played the role of Kissy Suzuki. She also starred as Madame Piranha in the 1967 King Kong film, King Kong Escapes among other films.