Nancy – One of Blofeld’s Angels of Death

Nancy, a Hungarian patient at Ernst Stavro Blofeld‘s allergy-research institute in the Swiss Alps, is working to overcome her potato allergy. She’s a character in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, played by Hungarian-British actress Catherine Schell, although she’s credited as “Catherina” in the film.

We first see Nancy when James Bond, disguised as genealogist Sir Hilary Bray, visits Blofeld’s institute at Piz Gloria. She’s one of Blofeld’s 12 Angels of Death, and is seen playing a game with another girl from the 12 Angels of Death.

Bond captures the attention of all the women at the institute, particularly Nancy and Ruby Bartlett. As Nancy gets to know Bond, she shows caution around Blofeld’s henchwoman and matron, Irma Bunt.


During a dinner conversation, Nancy inquires about “Hilary’s” background and his work as a genealogist. She tells Bond that she’s overcoming a potato allergy at the clinic, but now loves them, but Irma Bunt quickly admonishes her for disclosing medical information.

Nancy later flirts with Bond from across the table and shows interest in a book Bond claims to have brought with him to the clinic. After taking the book to Ruby’s room, Bond returns to find Nancy in his room, disobeying Irma Bunt’s orders for patients and visitors to remain in their own rooms at night.

Nancy, still curious about the book, asks Bond where it is, so Bond flirts with her to distract her from it. Initially confused, since Bond had been acting uncomfortable around women at dinner, Nancy eventually kisses him and they fall onto the bed.

The next morning, while playing curling with other patients, Nancy deliberately drops her glove so that Bond will pick it up, allowing her to plan another rendezvous. However, that evening, Bond is deceived by Irma Bunt when visiting Ruby before Nancy.

Bond with Nancy, one of the Angels of Death from OHMSS

Bond is then captured and interrogated by Blofeld, where the villain reveals his plan to brainwash patients into distributing bacteriological warfare agents worldwide.

As Bond is captured, the women receive Christmas presents from Blofeld, including an atomizer intended to spread bacteria and a communication radio. Nancy leaves the clinic with the others, dazedly expressing gratitude for her present.

However, after Bond destroys the facility and warns M about the impending attack, Blofeld’s plan is thwarted. After leaving the clinic. Nancy’s fate remains uncertain.

Catherine Schell

Catherine Schell (born Katherina Freiin Schell von Bauschlott on July 17, 1944) is a Hungarian-born actress who had relative fame in British film and television productions during the 1960s. As well as Bond girl Nancy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), some of her other notable roles include Lady Claudine Litton in The Return of the Pink Panther (1975), Countess Scarlioni in the Doctor Who episode “City of Death” (1979), and the recurring role of Maya in the second season of the television series Space: 1999 (1975).