Vida – A Fiery Gypsy Girl

Vida is a fiery and passionate gypsy woman, skilled in the art of combat. Her character is introduced as one of two women who love the chief’s son.

Vida and Zora are instructed by the chief, Vavra, to fight to the death to determine who will ultimately win his heart. The two engage in a fierce hand-to-hand combat, with Bond clearly unsettled at having to watch. After a grueling battle, Vida overpowers Zora and is about to strike her with a wine bottle when Krilencu, a SMERSH assassin, and his men invade the gypsy site, intending to kill Ali Kerim Bey.

During the ensuing conflict, James Bond saves Vavra’s life, and after defeating them, Bond requests Vavra to put an end to the fight between Vida and Zora. As a gesture of gratitude, Vavra leaves the decision to Bond and sends both women to spend the night with him.


The scene ends with Bond telling Bey, his decision ‘could take some time,’ as he’s left alone with them both.

Vida fighting Zora

Actress Aliza Gur

Aliza Gur, who plays Vida, was born on April 1, 1940, in Ramat Gan, British Mandate of Palestine (now Israel), she grew up in an Ashkenazi Jewish family that had escaped Nazi Germany.

As a former Miss Israel and a semi-finalist in the 1960 Miss Universe pageant (same competition that Bond girl Daniela Bianchi was runner up), Aliza’s remarkable beauty and talent quickly gained her recognition in the world of entertainment.

Before achieving fame, Aliza Gur attended the University of Haifa, where she designed and created dresses to cover her tuition fees. Her first pageant victory was as Miss Haifa, and she later served in the Israel Defense Forces. She developed her acting skills in Tel Aviv under the guidance of renowned director Peter Fry.

Aliza had a few uncredited film roles before landing her iconic role as Vida in From Russia with Love. In the film, she fights Zora, played by Miss Jamaica’s Martine Beswick, with whom she reportedly didn’t get along, making their fight scene appear more natural.

Relocating to California marked the beginning of Aliza’s film and television career. She made a guest appearance on Perry Mason in 1965 and subsequently appeared in popular shows like The Big Valley, Get Smart, and The Wild Wild West.

Her other film credits include Night Train to Paris, Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (1968), and The Hand of Night (1968), which was her last movie role.

Aliza Gur married twice: first to Sy Shulman, and later to Sheldon Schrager, and she has one child.

Vida, Zora and Bond to spend some quality time together

Vida – The Gypsy Bond Girl

Aliza Gur’s portrayal of Vida may have been a small part, but her performance left an indelible mark on the Bond franchise. As fans and admirers of the James Bond series, we believe that every Bond girl, no matter the size of their role, deserves recognition and appreciation for their contributions to these iconic films.

Aliza Gur’s talent, beauty, and unique presence on screen have undoubtedly solidified her place in the pantheon of Bond girls. Of course, the barbaric nature of her role wouldn’t fit well in today’s world, but it was the early sixties, and if anybody could enjoy a threesome, it should be Bond, after all he saved their lives.