Mister Bullion

Mister Bullion – A Gold-Toothed, Double Crossing Villain

Mister Bullion, AKA Bull, with his gold-embellished smile, serves as a personal security guard for the former KGB operative, Valentin Zukovsky. Behind the scenes, however, he covertly aligns himself with Renard and Elektra King.

This villainous role is brought to life by the British DJ and producer, Goldie, in the 1999 James Bond movie, The World is Not Enough. In the novel adaptation, Mr Bullion’s character is given a backstory, originating from Somalia under the name Maurice Womasa.

Mister Bullion

Appearing to be a dedicated employee to Valentin Zukovsky, Mister Bullion is actually playing both sides, secretly in league with Elektra King and Renard.


In 1999, he’s on the scene when James Bond, and Elektra stop by Zukovsky’s casino. Here, Elektra loses $1m in a game against Zukovsky. Bullion is later seen driving Zukovsky to his caviar production site near the Caspian Sea, where he notices Bond’s vehicle at the docks.

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that Bullion is an accomplice in Elektra and Renard’s scheme to decimate Istanbul, thereby securing a monopoly over the global oil market.

Evidence of his allegiance emerges when he alerts Elektra to Bond’s whereabouts. In response, Elektra dispatches helicopters fitted with lethal blades to kill Bond, Zukovsky and Dr. Christmas Jones.

Later, Mr Bullion leads them to Zukovsky’s KGB safe house, where he conceals a bomb in a briefcase. The resulting explosion kills several members of Zukovsky’s crew, leaving Zukovsky himself barely alive, while Bond and Christmas Jones are taken captive.

Mister Bullion

Zukovsky, however, survives the blast and tracks them to Elektra’s island. Here, he confronts Bullion, who seems pleased yet nervous to find his boss alive. Zukovsky’s response is a retaliatory gunfire aimed at Bullion for his treason shooting him dead.


Clifford Joseph Price MBE, better known as Goldie, is a prominent British music producer, DJ, and actor, born on September 19, 1965. Raised in Wolverhampton, England with Jamaican and Scottish heritage, Goldie had a troubled upbringing involving foster care and abuse.

He gained fame for his graffiti artwork before moving to the US for similar projects and starting a gold teeth jewelry business. Goldie was introduced to the British breakbeat music scene in 1991 and later worked with notable producers like 4hero.

He released several hit tracks and established his own record label, Metalheadz. His 1995 album “Timeless” reached number seven on the UK Albums Chart.

Goldie’s acting career includes roles in The World Is Not Enough, Snatch,” and British soap opera, EastEnders. In his personal life, Goldie had notable relationships with Kemistry and Björk, and has been married twice. As of 2017, he lives in Thailand with his wife Mika.