Sasha Davidov

Sasha Davidov: Elektra King’s Chief of Security

Sasha Davidov holds the position of security chief for the renowned oil tycoon, Elektra King. He also serves as the trusted confidant of King’s partner, Renard. Played by Danish actor, Ulrich Thomsen, this malevolent character makes his appearance in the James Bond film from 1999, The World Is Not Enough, and features in its subsequent book adaptation.

Sasha Davidov

As a top-ranking staff member of King Industries and the chief of security for Elektra King, Sasha Davidov is tasked with the mission to kill secret agent, James Bond.

As well as Elektra King, Davidov is also a bodyguard for Renard. They intend to devastate Istanbul by sabotaging the Russian oil pipeline to gain a monopoly in the oil market via their own conduit.


To accomplish this, Sasha Davidov aids Russian scientist Mikhail Arkov in secretly transporting Parahawks to take out Bond in Azerbaijan. Despite their efforts, Bond successfully annihilates all the Parahawks, leading to a meeting with Renard concerning their botched operation.

At this meeting, Arkov provides Renard with the necessary aircraft for stealing a nuclear weapon in Kazakhstan, and despite the potential scrutiny this might provoke, Renard remains undeterred.

As the failure to assassinate Bond is discussed, Arkov tries to place the blame on Davidov for undermining the operation, relishing in Davidov’s punishment as Renard forces him to hold a burning hot stone. However, the tables turn when Renard instructs his bodyguard to eliminate Arkov instead, citing his lack of devotion.

Following this twist, Renard instructs Sasha Davidov to adopt Arkov’s identity prior to boarding the Kazakhstan-bound plane. Meanwhile, Bond uncovers Arkov’s body in Davidov’s car, and realises Davidov’s alliance with Renard.

Alert to this betrayal, Bond tails Davidov to the airport, shoots him twice, and dumps his body in a skip. Taking Davidov’s place, Bond is able to infiltrate Renard’s team sent to steal the nuclear warhead.

Davidov’s body is found by local authorities some time later, providing Elektra King with an additional pretext to seek help from M, setting the stage for her later treachery against MI6.

Ulrich Thomsen

Ulrich Thomsen, a Danish actor and filmmaker, whose most notable role is as Kai Proctor in the Cinemax original series Banshee.Thomsen, a native of Odense, Denmark, completed his studies at the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in 1993, after which he worked at several theaters in Copenhagen.

Thomsen’s film career began in 1994 with Nightwatch and he has since acted in various films including The Biggest Heroes (1996), Sekten (1997), and Flickering Lights (2000). His roles in Festen (1998) and as Sasha Davidov in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999) catapulted his career, establishing him as an internationally recognized actor.

He later appeared in the English film Killing Me Softly (2002) and as the main villain in The International (2009).