Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell: Double Agent in Quantum of Solace

Craig Mitchell serves as M’s personal bodyguard, but is secretly operating for crime syndicate Quantum. Portrayed by stuntman Glenn Foster, Mitchell features in the 2008 James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell has been working as the personal bodyguard of M, the British Secret Service head. However, Mitchell has been leading a double life and has been bought by the criminal group, Quantum.

He joins M at a secure location in Siena, Italy, where the leader of Quantum, Mr. White, awaits interrogation after being captured by James Bond.


When bond arrives at the underground facility he acknowledges Mitchell, who reciprocates, before excusing himself to survey the premises, during which he clandestinely kills a fellow agent guarding the entrance. He returns to reassure that all is well.

When the interrogation begins, Mr. White smirks at MI6’s ignorance about Quantum’s existence and he claims that their agents are everywhere. As White glances at Craig Mitchell, he pulls out his gun and murders the guard.

Watch the exhilarating clip where Bond chases Mitchell

Amid the ensuing chaos, Bond attempts to seize Craig Mitchell’s gun, inadvertently causing a bullet to hit Mr. White in the shoulder. After successfully overpowering Bond, Sullivan escapes through a series of tunnels, only to appear amidst Siena’s Palio Horse Race.

As he forces his way through the crowd, Mitchell fires shots behind him, killing somebody in the crowd. The chase then heads across the rooftops of Siena climaxing on a bell tower’s roof, where both men tumble through the glass ceiling of a neighboring art gallery, where they end up dangling from ropes. In their scramble to retrieve their fallen guns, Bond acts swiftly and shoots Michell dead.

Later, Bond joins M at Mitchell’s London apartment. Despite a thorough forensic investigation, MI6 only discovers some cryptically marked notes weakly linked to a hitman named Edmund Slate.

A disheartened M discloses she found among Mitchell’s belongings an ashtray and three past Christmas gifts she had given him, indicative of their close professional bond.

Glenn Foster

Stuntman Glenn Foster, winner of the Taurus World Stunt Award, is best known for his acting role as the double agent ‘Mitchell’ in the film Quantum of Solace. His performance involved a high-stakes chase across the rooftops of Siena, Italy, as well as a gripping fight while dangling from ropes in an art gallery. This thrilling sequence culminated the 50 Year James Bond montage during the 2013 Oscar Ceremony. More recently, Foster has earned recognition for his work as a stunt double for Robert Downey Jr.