Doctor Hall

Doctor Hall

Played by Nicholas Woodeson, Doctor Hall is a psychologist at SIS/MI6, making his only appearance in Bond 23, Skyfall (2012).

He examines James Bond’s mental health upon his return to MI6. He administers simple word association tests to Bond. However, Bond gives sarcastic answers, and even remains silent throughout the examination, as noted by Hall.

In a later scene, Raoul Silva, who had hacked the MI6 network and knows all information, tells Bond that Doctor Hall had deemed him unfit for duty.


Bond’s Psychological Evaluation: Indications of alcohol and substance addiction. Pathological rejection of authority stemming from unresolved childhood trauma.

Nicholas Woodeson

Nicholas Woodeson, an English actor, who has achieved success in film, television, and theatre. Born in Sudan, he developed a passion for performing during his childhood in the Middle East. After studying English at the University of Sussex and winning a scholarship to RADA, Woodeson began his professional career with the Everyman Theatre.

He has since worked in regional theatre, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, and performed in prestigious venues like Broadway and the National Theatre. Woodeson’s notable stage productions include Piaf, An Inspector Calls, and Death of a Salesman. He has also appeared in films such as Skyfall and The Danish Girl, as well as television dramas like Rome and Poirot.