Gregg Beam

CIA Agent Gregg Beam is stationed in South America and becomes embroiled in corrupt dealings with businessman and Quantum agent, Dominic Greene. This compelling double agent, brought to life by renowned American actor, David Harbour, in the 2008 Bond film, Quantum of Solace, works with his understudy Felix Leiter before his dubious dealings come unstuck.

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Gregg Beam

As a senior intelligence officer in the CIA, Gregg Beam is orchestrating a clandestine deal with Dominic Greene. The deal involves turning a blind eye to Greene’s planned coup in Bolivia, with the promise of oil in return. Unfortunately, Beam misunderstands Greene’s mass purchase of water pipes as a sign of discovering oil.

Beam’s pragmatic cynicism sets him apart, making him comfortable collaborating with Greene and other morally ambiguous figures, unlike his subordinate, Felix Leiter, who doesn’t approve of and is certainly not akin to the dodgy dealings.


Stationed in a private jet in Haiti, awaiting Greene’s arrival, Gregg Beam receives an inquiry from M about him. With dismissive nonchalance, he deceives M, claiming the CIA has no interest in Greene.

Alongside Quantum delegates, Beam and Leiter travel to Austria. During a discussion about their deals, Greene mentions a ‘nuisance’ that he’d like dealt with as part of the agreement.

Beam hands Leiter with a picture of James Bond, asking him to identify the man. Leiter pretends not to know him, but Beam recognizes Bond and promises Greene he’ll handle the situation.

Gregg Beam and Felix Leiter

Later, in La Paz, 007 arranges a meeting with Leiter at the Incan Exports office. Beam orders his henchmen to kill Bond, but Felix, a close ally of Bond and repulsed by Beam’s unscrupulous actions, alerts Bond, who then evades the henchmen.

After Greene’s downfall, Gregg Beam’s corruption comes to light and Felix Leiter is promoted and takes over as the section chief.

David Harbour

David Harbour, an acclaimed American actor, was born on April 10, 1975, in New York. His acting career began in 1999, first on Broadway in The Rainmaker, then on television in Law & Order.

Since then, he has been a part of numerous TV shows and films, such as Brokeback Mountain, The Green Hornet, Bond 22 Quantum of Solace, and notably as Chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix series Stranger Things. This role earned him critical praise and multiple award nominations, including for the Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

In addition to Stranger Things, Harbour has starred in the superhero reboot Hellboy in 2019, and also made a mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian in the Black Widow movie in 2021.

Off-screen, Harbour’s personal life is equally interesting. He began dating singer Lily Allen in 2019 and they got married in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2020, officiated by an Elvis impersonator.