Mollaka Danso works independently as a terrorist and explosives expert, and has association with the crime syndicate known as Quantum. He comes to life in the 2006 Bond film, Casino Royale, and is enacted by French Parkour artist, Sébastian Foucan. The character’s presence extends beyond the film, featuring in the Quantum of Solace video game adaptation.

Mollaka Danso

Early in Casino Royale, Mollaka is engrossed in a mongoose versus snake fight in Madagascar, oblivious to the presence of two MI6 agents, James Bond and Carter, who are tailing him with intentions of capturing him.

Agent Carter subtly blends with the spectators as Bond observes from a reasonable distance. The uproar from the crowd muffles Bond’s vocal instructions, leading Carter to struggle with his earpiece, and miss Bond’s frantic signals to lower his hand.


Spotting Carter’s peculiar behavior, Mollaka bolts. In his nervous haste, Carter stumbles, accidentally firing his gun and creating pandemonium. With their clandestine mission compromised, Bond abandons his spot and sets off in chase of the escaping Mollaka.

Mollaka from Casino Royale

The pursuit leads Bond to a construction zone, igniting a spectacular chase. Mollaka, employing a mix of Parkour and Free Running tactics, evades Bond with skill and dexterity.

The chase extends to the Nambutu embassy where Bond finally manages to apprehend Mollaka, only to be met by the Ambassador and his armed guards. Facing them at gunpoint, and despite explicit orders to capture Mollaka unharmed, Bond shoots Mollaka and a nearby gas cylinder, triggering an explosion which provides him the perfect getaway with Mollaka’s backpack and phone.

Sébastian Foucan

Sébastien Foucan, born on May 27, 1974, in Paris, France, is a well-known freerunner and actor with French and Guadeloupean roots. Foucan’s fame took off in 2002 after appearing in a Nike TV ad. His renown grew further in the UK following his feature in the Channel 4 documentary Jump London and its sequel Jump Britain.

His spectacular athletic performances in the James Bond film Casino Royale, where he plays Daniel Carig‘s first adversary Mollaka, brought him international attention. He then appeared in Madonna’s music video ‘Jump’ and joined her 2006 Confessions Tour.

In addition to his acting career, Foucan has contributed to shoe design for K-Swiss and featured in a trailer for the video game Mirror’s Edge. Foucan founded the freerunning team Blacklist, who won the World Chase Tag PRO 2 GO Europe championship due to his remarkable skills.