Charlotte Kirk: From Ocean’s 8 to Bond Girl?

Charlotte Kirk in talks to become Bond Girl?

British star Charlotte Kirk is reportedly eyeing the “deadly, brilliant, and complicated” role in the newest Bond flick. Can you imagine? Our gal, in the 007 arena, mixing it up with villains and Martini-slinging spies.

In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, Kirk playfully puts her finger on her lips and goes, “If I told you, I would have to kill you.” Oh Charlotte, a classic spy trope? I see what you’re doing there, but it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

This siren from London is not shy about her ambitions for Bond 26. Her wish: to step into the sultry shoes of Ursula Andress, Izabella Scorupco and most recently, Léa Seydoux.


Not one to remain tight-lipped, Kirk has made it clear that she’s ready to dive headfirst into the Bond pool. And why not? With her award-sweeping performances, those dangerous curves, and a face made for close-ups, it’s no surprise she’s a top candidate for Bond’s leading lady.

Charlotte Kirk in talks to become a Bond girl?

Charlotte Kirk a Bond Girl but who’s the next Bond?

Charlotte Kirk is absolutely killing it in the action sphere. After all, it’s not just any lass who can dominate the US Box Office, much less with an action thriller like The Lair. She’s set the bar high, leaving us wondering who’s got the chops to play opposite her should she secure a Bond girl role. As they say in Hollywood, “You’re only as good as your co-star.”

The current speculation surrounding Craig’s successor is as hot as a James Bond car chase. The favorites? Aaron Taylor-Johnson is leading the pack, closely tailed by James Norton and Henry Cavill. They’re all fine contenders with serious acting chops, charisma, and most importantly, the ability to look ridiculously good in a tuxedo.

However, as much as we’d like to speculate, the Bond producers are about as leaky as a submarine with a screen door. They’ve squashed all rumors faster than Bond downs a martini, leaving us to merely gamble on the odds.

Charlotte Kirk is no stranger to real life action

You might recall Charlotte Kirk from Ocean’s 8 or the sci-fi thriller Vice, but she’s infamous for more than just her acting abiltiy. Charlotte’s got a knack for bringing down bigwigs in Hollywood. She dated a couple of execs and snagged a few roles along the way – a regular femme fatale.

At 25, she rocked the boat with Ron Meyer, the then 76-year-old vice chairman of NBCUniversal, and even earlier at 21 with Warner Bros. honcho, Kevin Tsujihara, who was 55 at the time. Oh, and not to forget her fling with Australian billionaire James Packer. These Hollywood honchos were practically putty in her hands.

Charlotte later found love with fellow Brit and director Neil Marshall, known for Dog Soldiers, Hellboy, and a few episodes of Game of Thrones and Westworld. This duo works well together and is frequently seen stirring up the cinematic scene.