Christoph Waltz Chimes in on the ‘Brofeld’ Debate

Christoph Waltz, the award-winning actor who played Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond’s nemesis, in the last two Bond movies, Spectre and No Time To Die, recently shared his thoughts on one of the franchise’s most polarizing moments, which many fans have labelled ‘Brofeld’.

For those who may have forgotten, in Spectre, it was revealed that Blofeld was actually Bond’s adopted stepbrother. What? Really? Yeah, that’s right, after all the legalities were sorted out back in 2013, Blofeld and Spectre were brought back from the dead, and Bond’s longest running feud was reignited, but with a family twist.

Waltz: It was a fabulous turn

Many fans of the series were divided on this twist, but Waltz is firmly in favor of it. In an interview with CinemaBlend, he explained why he thinks the revelation was a “fabulous turn” for the story.


“I think from a dramatic point of view, or a point of view of drama, it’s a fabulous turn,” said Waltz. “It’s a fabulous conflict, a fabulous connection, and very useful for the stories. That’s how I felt about it. … Everything that heightens the conflict is useful in a drama.”

Waltz’s opinion is in stark contrast to that of Sam Mendes, who directed both Skyfall and Spectre. Mendes has been critical of Spectre, admitting that it wasn’t as good as its predecessor.

Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz

Despite the criticism, Waltz believes that the franchise can continue even without Daniel Craig, who recently bowed out from the role.

“Daniel made this thing so much his own, and such a specific entity within the saga, that it’s ok if it continues,” he said. “Even if Daniel’s [James Bond] had died.”

Like it or not, Bond producers will continue to surprise

Waltz’s endorsement of the twist in Spectre is likely to be welcomed by those who enjoyed the film, and it may also persuade some who were on the fence. The revelation about Blofeld certainly caught many viewers off guard, but as Waltz points out, unexpected twists can make for a more compelling story.

So, whether you’re a diehard Bond fan or just someone who enjoys a good spy thriller, there’s no denying the franchise has had its fair share of surprising moments, Jaws and Bond becoming best buddies in Moonraker, anyone.

Who knows what the future holds for the world’s most famous secret agent? One thing’s for sure: Bond will not be dead, and neither will Blofeld, but we can all agree that there will be more twists and turns.