Rare Gold-Plated Model Citroen CV2 Sells for £2.2k at Auction

Rare Gold-Plated Model Citroen CV2 Sells for £2.2k at Auction

In a turn of events worthy of a Bond escapade itself, an extraordinarily rare, gold-plated miniature of the iconic Citroen 2CV – a car immortalised by its high-octane appearance in the 1981 classic For Your Eyes Only – has commanded a king’s ransom at auction, fetching a princely sum of £2,200.

This particular model is no run-of-the-mill plaything but a gilded replica of the modest French conveyance that, under the capable hands of Roger Moore‘s suave James Bond, undergoes a transformation from a humble runaround to a high-speed escape pod.

In the film, the Citroen becomes an unlikely hero, zipping and zigzagging through the narrow, olive tree-lined roads of a picturesque Spanish village. Its resilience and nimbleness a stark, comedic contrast to the usual high-powered, gadget-laden vehicles synonymous with the Bond franchise.


It’s in this unassuming car that 007 and Bond girl, Melina Havelock, artfully evade the clutches of the malevolent Hector Gonzales, turning a countryside chase into a thrilling ballet of near-misses and daring maneuvers.

Watch Bond drive the Citroen 2CV in For Your Eyes Only

Only 12 Gold-plated Citroen CV2s Ever Made

This cinematic pedigree is mirrored in the toy’s own storied history. Crafted by Corgi Toys, only a dozen of these golden replicas were minted, coinciding with the film’s premiere.

Their purpose? Not mere child’s play, but rather a coveted accolade, bestowed upon select retailers who hit their sales targets with the accuracy of a Bond marksman.

The specimen in question, a glittering relic of this limited run, has enjoyed 43 years in the possession of an original recipient, hailing from southern England. Only recently did he part with the precious model, entrusting it to the capable hands of Vectis Auctions in Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside. It’s here that it found its new, albeit anonymous, patron.

A spokesperson from Vectis Auctions remarked, “This car was never sold to the public – only being given to the top retailers at the time… It is a true collector’s item and is a valuable investment.”

Auction specialist Andrew Reed encapsulated the sentiment, adding, “There are millions of James Bond collectors in the world and only 12 of these toys so they are as rare as you can get.”

The Citroen 2CV a Bond car with a Difference

In the catalogue of Bond cars, where sleek Aston Martins and gadget-laden vehicles often steal the spotlight, the choice of a Citroen 2CV might have initially raised eyebrows. Yet, this unassuming bright yellow car’s spirited dash through the rustic terrain in For Your Eyes Only captured hearts.

It was a quirky, unexpected choice by the producers, not the emblematic DB5, but memorable all the same, resonating with a certain je ne sais quoi that only Bond could bestow upon a humble car.

This gold-plated toy car, a miniature homage to that quirky cinematic choice, has traversed the divide between mere memorabilia and treasured collectible. It embodies the innovative spirit of the Bond saga – the courage to diverge from the expected, to find charisma in the unconventional.