Shaken Not Stirred: Tarantino’s Abandoned Vision for James Bond

Quentin Tarantino Reflects on His Missed Chance to Direct a Bond Film

Imagine a Quentin Tarantino Bond film! In Hollywood, is there anything more thrilling than the directorial journey of Quentin Tarantino? As we see the sun begin to set on this iconic career, with rumors swirling that his tenth feature will be his swansong in the director’s chair, Tarantino appears to be in a reflective mood.

Lately, the legendary Director has been peeling back the curtain, sharing intriguing tidbits about his catalog of blockbusters, and more tantalizingly, the films that could have been, but never made it to the silver screen.

Quentin Tarantino Wanted to Direct Casino Royale in the 90s

In the “what if” bucket, Quentin Tarantino’s pitch on a James Bond flick stands out – a Tarantinoesque rendition of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, no less. Just imagine!


Riding high on the monumental success of Pulp Fiction back in 1994, a cinematic revolution in its own right, Quentin Tarantino was itching to get his hands on the world’s most beloved spy.

Picture the most celebrated director of his generation aiming to add his unique flair to the timeless James Bond canon – an exciting proposition, right? Alas, destiny had different plans, and the audacious dream stayed just that – a dream.

Still, it didn’t prevent the maestro from sharing his vision in a candid interview with Deadline:

“After Pulp Fiction, my sights were set on Casino Royale,” he started, a glint of the path not taken in his eyes. “My idea was to transport Bond back to the ’60s and make it a one-off spectacle, rather than another link in a chain of Bond movies. We would’ve brought in an actor, gave it our all, and called it a day. I was quite confident we could pull it off.”

Quentin Tarantino Casino Royale

But then, just like in a high-stakes poker game, the Bond franchise’s longstanding custodians, the Broccoli family, played their hand. He revealed, “Turns out, three years prior, they preempted someone pulling a move like mine. They locked down a deal with the Fleming estate for the movie rights to his entire body of work, essentially putting a fortress around it.”

Tarantino and Pierce Brosnan Had a Bond Dream Over Martinis

Pierce Brosnan recently brought to light an intriguing tale of how Quentin Tarantino approached him with the idea of a Bond film during a martini-fuelled meetup. While interacting with fans during a live-stream watchalong of his debut Bond film, GoldenEye, Brosnan recalled Tarantino’s passionate pitch.

The director had turned up late for their meeting at the Four Seasons in Hollywood, post Kill Bill: Vol. 2, and started “pounding the table saying ‘you are the best James Bond, I wanna do James Bond with you.'” Brosnan, amused by Tarantino’s fervor, told him to calm down, but the proposition fell through.

Reflecting on the missed opportunity, Brosnan said, “No Quentin Tarantino for James Bond. What a shame. That would be a good one to watch.”

Quentin Tarantino and Pierce Brosnan had a martini fuelled discussion about making a Bond film

Tarantino: Fleming’s Bond Novels Are a Treasure Trove of Untapped Stories

Quentin Tarantino believes, even though James Bond novels have been adapted into numerous well-known movies, the scope for faithful storytelling remains largely untapped. The filmmaker argues that the gulf between the original books and their celluloid versions is substantial, offering a fresh ground to retell the same tales.

His perspective might surprise some, but he’s passionate as he explains:

“The Bond novels are brimming with memorable titles and exhilarating adventures. Most of them, however, were not adapted faithfully. They cherry-picked elements – a plot point here, a Bond girl there, perhaps the villain – then, they just charted their own course. I truly think the books deserve a fair shot. Adapt them as written, and we’ll have a brand new Bond.”

As for the future of the Bond franchise, that’s currently enveloped in as much mystery as one of its signature plots. Speculations are rife, but the casting of Daniel Craig‘s successor is yet to be announced. While all eyes are on this, Quentin Tarantino seems content to let his Bond dreams remain in the past.

The maverick director has his sights firmly set on his next, and possibly final, directorial venture. And knowing Tarantino, he’s going to make sure it’s one hell of a grand finale.

What if? A Quentin Tarantino Bond Film…

As we hurtle towards this thrilling finale in Quentin Tarantino’s illustrious career, it’s impossible not to let our imaginations run wild. Amidst all the unanswered questions, there’s one tantalizing ‘what if?’ that refuses to fade into obscurity – Quentin Tarantino directing a James Bond film.

Imagine Quentin Tarantino helming Bond 26, bringing his distinctive style, sharp dialogues, and non-linear storytelling to the franchise. The thought of our favorite secret agent traversing a world envisioned by the master of cinematic panache is something to stir the heart of any film aficionado.

Tarantino’s unique take on Bond could infuse the franchise with a renewed dynamism and creativity that would excite long-time fans and entice new audiences alike. While the director seems set on bowing out after his next venture, we can’t help but dream of this parallel universe where Tarantino’s Bond graces the big screen.

The collaboration of these two titans of pop culture would undoubtedly make for a compelling spectacle, shaking and stirring the cinematic world in true Tarantino and Bond style. And what a beautiful encore it would be, both for Tarantino’s career and for the ever-evolving legacy of James Bond.

That said, I’m sure Tarantino would make a comeback for one more film if he was given the chance to make a Bond film. Are you brave enough Barbara?