Day of the Dead Costume

Day of the Dead Costume

Mexicans take their celebrations very seriously and Day of the Dead is no different. The costumes are a key part of the festivities, with many people spending weeks preparing their outfits.

If you’re looking to get your own Day of the Dead costume, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide which level of commitment you want to make. You can go all out with a handmade masterpiece, or keep it simple with some store-bought items.

No matter what route you choose, your costume should always include a few key elements:

  • A ‘calavera’ or skull mask
  • Black or brightly colored clothes
  • Face paint
  • Flowers

Day of the Dead Celebrations

Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a colourful, vibrant and joyful celebration that honouring deceased loved ones. The festival falls around the end of October/early November and is celebrated throughout Mexico.

The world-famous celebration was brought to cinema in the opening scene of James Bond movie Spectre back in 2015, and has grown substantially to the global community since.

The traditions of the celebrations have evolved and today’s version is a blend of the Rio Carneval and Halloween, kind of. But if you go to the Day of the Dead celebrations, you have to dress up and respect the deceased.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you should try and get there. And if you do, don’t forget to dress up in your Day of the Dead costume…

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For Him

Men’s Day Of Dead Mariachi Macabre Costume

Dead of the Dead Costume Men's Day Of Dead Mariachi Macabre Costume

What could be more authentic at the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico than this Mariachi Macabre Costume for men?

The shirt front with attached tie and vest, jacket with attached cuffs, belt sash, and pants are all black with a colorful skull design on the jacket.

The purple trim on the jacket and pants adds a touch of spookiness, while the red sash and tie complete the Mexican Mariachi look.

This Day of the Dead costume is sure to help you fit in at the festival, and if you choose to use it for Halloween or some cosplay fun, you’ll surely turn heads. The standard size fits up to a 42-inch chest.

Men’s Skeleton Tuxedo Costume – Bone Chillin’ Black

Dead of the Dead Costume for men

Celebrate the deceased at Day of the Dead by looking as dead as those you’re celebrating. What could be more bone chilling than a tuxedo with a skeletal design?

This Men’s Skeleton Tuxedo Costume is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of spookiness to their Day of the Dead or Halloween celebrations, or fun cosplay events.

The costume includes a screen printed jacket with tails, faux shirt front with tie, and pants. You can look dead and smart, which means of course dead smart. So, put on your best bone chilling face and enjoy the scare factor this costume offers.

Sugar Skull Full Head Mask

Day of the Dead Costume Sugar Skull multicolored mask

Your Dia de Los Muertos costume will be the most festive of face coverings at the fiesta with this unisex sugar skull mask.

This Sugar Skull Full Head Mask is the perfect addition to your Halloween or Day of the Dead costume. Made from high-quality latex materials, the eyeholes have black mesh covering them.

The colorful hand-painted festive design on the white skull makes it perfect for any celebration and goes well with any outfit. Join in the celebrations and keep yourself anon during the Day of the Dead festivities.

For Her

Day of Dead Señorita Costume for Women

Dead of the Dead Costume for women

Looking for a unique and festive Day of the Dead costume? Look no further than this outfit to ensure you look the hottest señorita at the celebrations.

With its sugar skull print, lace-trimmed off-shoulder neckline, corset waist and layered ruffled skirt with tulle hem, this dress is sure to turn heads. The included gothic long black veil on a headband, mask, skeleton long gloves and pair of skull leggings that complete the look.

Whether you’re going to the Day of the Dead celebrations, need something slightly different for Halloween, or just dressing up for fun, this costume is sure to get you noticed.

It’s made of lightweight breathable material, so you won’t get too uncomfortable in the hot Mexican sun.

Women’s Day Of Dead Spanish Lady Costume

Women's Day Of Dead Spanish Lady Costume

Introducing the women’s Day of Dead Spanish lady costume. This spooky outfit includes a skull print dress and belt, both with a casual and comfortable tone of voice.

The dress features a ruffled off-shoulder neckline and full skirt with pink ruffle, while the belt helps to cinch in your waist for a flattering look. The costume is designed to fit women with a 34 to 38-inch bust and 26 to 32-inch waist, making it perfect for most body types.

Whether you’re going to Mexico for the Day of the Dead festivities or headed to a Halloween party or even dressing up for trick-or-treating, this fun Spanish lady costume is sure to turn heads.

Women’s Mexican Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Eyemask Masquerade

Day of the Dead Costume WOmen's masquerade

Introducing the Women’s Mexican Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Eyemask Masquerade.

This beautiful mask is perfect for cosplay, events, or even home decor. It secures with black hang ties, and fits most sized heads. The mask is made of plastic and decorated with a sugar skull and roses design.

The Day of the Dead Masquerade Eye Mask is perfect for carnivals, Halloween and fancy dress parties. With its gorgeous unique design, colours and glitter, this red, white and black eye mask is a must have.

There are many other designs, so if you desire one with different colors or shape, there’ll be one for you.

For Kids

Girls Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Costume

Dead of the Dead Costume for girls

Looking for a bright and colourful costume that will have all eyes on you? Look no further than the Girls Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Costume.

This eye-catching outfit features a colourful skull print, with fake flowers, a headband, and a black frilly rah-rah dress.

The girls costume is perfect for the Day of the Dead celebration, and can be used for other events like dance party outfits, Halloween, and cosplay.

This Girls Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Costume is sure to be a hit for your trip to Mexico. So, grab your prettiest dress and get ready to party in style on the streets of Mexico and beyond.

Day of the Dead Boys Costume

Day of the Dead Costume for boys

Introducing the Day of the Dead Boys Costume. This child’s outfit is perfect for a family trip to Mexico and the Day of the Dead celebrations, or any spooky events such as Halloween.

The black tailcoat with shirt-front and red cummerbund is comfortable and stylish, while the black tall fedora hat with white and red ribbon completes the look.

Whether your little one is dressing up as a dashing skeleton or a charismatic calavera, this Day of the Dead Boys Costume is sure to make your boy feel the part.

It’s available from toddlers to teens.

The Traditions of Day of the Dead Celebrations

The origins of the Day of the Dead go back about 3,000 years, to the rituals honouring the dead in the Mesoamerica age. The Aztecs held a view that everything in life and death was cyclical, and they viewed death as an ever-present part of life.

Today’s Day of the Dead is a combination of the Aztec rituals blended with Catholicism, brought to the country by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.

Preparations for the festival begin weeks in advance. Families clean and decorate the graves of their relatives, constructing altars known as ‘ofrendas’ in their homes. These are adorned with photographs, Candles, marigolds, incense and the favorite foods and drinks of the departed.

On October 31st children build cardboard coffins which they take to school where they parade through the streets dressed as skeletons. This signifies the return of dead ancestors to their former homes.

At midnight on November 1st, it is believed that the souls of angels arrive first, followed by those of infants and small children (los angelitos), and then adults. Offerings are taken to the cemetery along with music and alcohol to fuel raucous parties which last all night long.

The revelry continues on November 2nd when it is said that the gates of heaven open at noon, once again allowing earthbound spirits to mingle with the living.

Street carnival style celebrations take place throughout the country, but it is in the capital, Mexico City, where the celebrations are the biggest, the loudest, and the most colourful.

Huge ofrendas are erected throughout the avenues, squares and museums of Mexico City. And decorated floats parade while the celebrating families all face painted in La Catrina style, wearing skull masks and top hats having the best of fun to celebrate the deceased.

If you ever plan a trip to Mexico, going around the time of Day of the Dead celebrations and you’ll have an unforgettable time.