Andreas Wisniewski

Andreas Wisniewski Biography

Andreas Wisniewski as Necros living daylights

Born on 3 July 1959, Andreas Wisniewski is a German actor and former dancer. He’s best known for his portrayal of Necros in the 1987 Bond film The Living Daylights, and one of Hans Gruber’s henchmen, in Die Hard.

With roots in both Polish and German descent, Wisniewski made his film debut in 1986 in Gothic, playing the role of Fletcher. Throughout his career, he has been featured in several TV series including Superboy, Mann & Machine, and Northern Exposure, where he played the role of Arthur, the bear.

In 1996, Andreas Wisniewski starred in the blockbuster film Mission: Impossible, where he played Max’s companion. Following his success in German films, he appeared in an episode of the UK series Lock, Stock…The Series, playing Heinrich, and Ultimate Force, as Serbian terrorist Savo Glasnovic. More recently, he made an appearance in the 2008 film Hush.


In addition to his acting career, Wisniewski has also appeared in two music videos, including Bananarama’s Venus and Elton John’s Nikita.

Andreas Wisniewski made his directorial debut in 2001 with the short film Inspiration, starring Danny Webb and Christine Adams. Despite his success, he has taken time to concentrate on his family and Buddhism and has kept a low profile in recent years.

In 2008, he made a brief appearance in the police drama The Bill, playing the role of Dimitri, a Russian criminal. He reprised his role as Max’s companion in the 2011 film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, albeit in a non-speaking part.