Jeroen Krabbé

Jeroen Krabbé Biography

Jeroen Krabbé as General Georgi Koskov

Jeroen Krabbé was born on December 5, 1944, in Amsterdam, into an artistic family. His father and grandfather were famous painters, and his mother was a film translator.

Throughout his successful career as an actor and film director, Jeroen Krabbé made a mark in both Dutch and English-language films. His early success came from working with fellow Dutch director Paul Verhoeven on films like Soldier of Orange, where he starred opposite Rutger Hauer, and The Fourth Man with Renée Soutendijk. He also had a prominent role in the Whoopi Goldberg comedy Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

However, Krabbé achieved international stardom through his villainous roles in a string of international films in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including General Georgi Koskov in the James Bond film The Living Daylights and Dr. Charles Nichols in The Fugitive. He has also appeared in numerous TV productions, including a notable role as Satan in the TV production Jesus.


Jeroen Krabbé was not only an actor but also a film director and producer. He directed and produced the film Left Luggage, a story about Orthodox Jews during the 1970s in Antwerp, Belgium, co-starring Isabella Rossellini and Maximilian Schell. He also adapted the Harry Mulisch novel The Discovery of Heaven into a film.

In addition to his acting and directing career, Krabbé is an accomplished artist and has had an exhibition of his paintings in the Museum de Fundatie in 2008. He has also worked on documentaries for Dutch television about his favorite painters, including Van Gogh, Picasso and Gauguin.

Jerown Krabbé is not only an accomplished actor and filmmaker but also a talented artist, whose paintings have been featured on Dutch postage stamps. He has co-authored a Dutch cookbook and released the book Schilder, an overview of his paintings, in November 2004. He married Herma van Gemert in 1964, and they have three sons,