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As Hollywood’s gleaming heritages go, Jill St. John’s tale shimmers brightly. Born Jill Arlyn Oppenheim, on August 19, 1940, within the very heart of Los Angeles, her life seemed destined for the glitz and glare of Tinseltown’s lights.

From the tender age of six, with her voice gracing the radio waves, the universe seemed to conspire in her favor.

In 1949, a 9-year-old St. John embraced the mantle of the screen with The Christmas Carol, the very first full-length TV movie, a feat some seasoned actors hadn’t achieved. That same winter, she sparkled in Sandy Dreams, a whimsical series for children that would also showcase the young talents of Richard Beymer.


As Jill St. John matured, her gift for acting seemed to grow with her. Before she even entered her teenage years, she had danced across the sets of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, portrayed characters in films like Thunder in the East, and graced the episodes of Sky King and Fireside Theatre.

Her academic pursuits mirrored her professional ones. Jill St. John was nothing short of prodigious. By 15, she was already enrolled at UCLA’s Extension School, having graduated from Hollywood Professional School a year prior.

Universal Pictures saw this radiant energy and in 1957, offered her a seven-year contract, an affirmation of her undeniable talent. This catapulted her into significant roles with films such as Summer Love in 1958.

However, it was her alliance with 20th Century Fox that truly endeavored to mold her into Hollywood royalty. The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker and The Lost World are but a few testaments to this period of her ascent.

But perhaps the pinnacle of her cinematic journey was when she shared the screen with Frank Sinatra in Come Blow Your Horn, a performance so compelling it earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

The 1960s saw her embrace roles with a comic twist, but her portrayal as Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever, alongside the returning Sean Connery, cemented her place in cinematic lore. Not just as a Bond girl, but as the first American to play one with an essence of independence, rare for her time.

Yet, like the most intricate of tapestries, St. John’s life wasn’t solely defined by her cinematic conquests. After moving to Aspen in 1972, she embarked on a culinary journey, endearing herself to morning viewers on Good Morning America and penning an evocative cookbook. She later wrote The Jill St. John Cookbook (1987) which boasts healthy recipes and anecdotes.

Her romantic chronicles, too, were nothing short of captivating. Among them, an intriguing liaison with the enigmatic Henry Kissinger. But it was her union with Robert Wagner, her fourth and final husband, that has withstood the sands of time. Their collaborations spanned films and stages, with the pair even making a memorable appearance in Seinfeld, when some might say they were past their prime.

As the curtains began to close on her active cinematic journey, marked by her roles in The Calling and Northpole, what remained evident was Jill St. John’s ability to leave an indelible mark, not just on celluloid, but on the very soul of Hollywood.

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Jill St. John FAQs

How old is Jill St. John?

She was born in August 1940, so as of now she is 82 years old.

Why is Jill St. John in a wheelchair?

Jill St. John was spotted in a wheelchair in LA Airport, which sparked fears for her health. She was 78 at the time, and she hasn’t been seen much in public since

How many times has Jill St. John been married?

She has been married four times: Neil Dubin (May 12, 1957 – July 3, 1958; divorced) Lance Reventlow (March 24, 1960 – October 30, 1963; divorced) Jack Jones (October 14, 1967 – February 28, 1969; divorced) Robert Wagner (May 26, 1990 – present)

Is Jill St. John still married to Robert Wagner?

Yes, she has known him since she was 18 years old. They started dating in 1982, shortly after the death of Wagner’s wife, and they were married in 1990. It was her fourth marriage.

What is Jill St. John’s real name?

Her real name is Jill Arlyn Oppenheim. Her mother changed her name when she was 13, as ‘St. John’ was more marketable.

Does Jill St. John have any children?

No, she does not have any children.

How tall is Jill St. John?

Jill St. John is 5ft 5in (1.68m).

Was Jill St. John in Hart to Hart?

She appeared in the pilot episode of Hart to Hart. She played the role of Sylvia Maxwell.