John Seru

John Seru Biography


Born and raised in Australia, John Seru was initally a professional wrestler. He later moved to America trained under the mentorship of Boris and Dean Malenko at the Malenko Wrestling Academy in Tampa, Florida, USA, in 1994.

Seru’s foray into entertainment and television began with his notable portrayal of the character Vulcan on the Australian edition of the TV series Gladiators. His performance led to his inclusion in the British Gladiators team for its seventh and eighth seasons.

John Seru also ventured into the world of international cinema, an his best known role was Gabor, a henchman in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough.


In addition to his on-screen roles, Seru has dedicated himself to fostering a culture of physical fitness and well-being. For over three decades, he has managed a wrestling school, fitness center, and gym equipment store in Sydney, Australia.