Gabor serves as the unwavering protector of oil magnate Elektra King. He plays a key role in her and Renard’s plan aimed at decimating Istanbul and gaining control over the global oil trade for monetary benefits.

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He’s a secondary adversary in The World is Not Enough, and is brought to life by John Seru, an Australian actor with a past career in professional wrestling.


Gabor acts as the personal protector to oil magnate Elektra King. We first see him in Azerbaijan, where he accompanies Elektra to a contentious gathering about the proposed trajectory of her oil pipeline.


Although he remains in the helicopter, he’s there as she ascends into the high mountains to inspect survey lines alongside Agent James Bond. His protective duties continue at Valentin Zukovsky‘s casino, where Elektra suffers a big loss to the Russian businessman.

When M arrives in Baku to learn about Renard’s scheme to obliterate Elektra’s oil refinery, Gabor is nearby. Upon the supposed death of Bond while trying to stop the assault, Elektra discloses her partnership with Renard in the command center.

Gabor later helps Elektra in taking M prisoner, taking down her guards with another henchman. This stems from Elektra’s long-held resentment toward M, who had persuaded her father not to fulfill Renard’s ransom demand.

Subsequently, Gabor and a band of thugs await outside the Istanbul safe house of the Federal Security Bureau. This happens as Mister Bullion attempts to take out Zukovsky, Bond, and Christmas Jones with a briefcase bomb.

Gabor and his crew then lead 007 and Jones to their operational hub in the Maiden’s Tower at the Bosphorus strait’s southern entry point. However, Zukovsky survives the blast and initiates an attack on the tower.

Gabor participates in defending the tower but ultimately falls to Bond’s gunfire after 007 escapes from an Antique Torture Chair. Later, 007 deals the same fate to Elektra, who fails to abandon her plot.

John Seru

Australian-born John Seru is a former professional wrestler who trained at the Malenko Wrestling Academy in Tampa, Florida. He gained popularity playing Vulcan on the Australian TV series Gladiators, which led to roles in the British version of the show.

Seru furthered his acting career with a notable role in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, as the henchman Gabor. Apart from acting, he has been managing a wrestling school, fitness center, and gym equipment store in Sydney for over thirty years.