Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau Biography

Patrick Bauchau as Scarpine

Patrick Bauchau, born on December 6, 1938, is a Belgian actor who spent his childhood in Belgium, Switzerland, and England. He attended Oxford University on an academic scholarship, where he honed his language skills and became fluent in German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and also learned some Russian and Dutch.

Bauchau began his acting career in French New Wave cinema, starring in films like La Carrière de Suzanne (1963) and La Collectionneuse (1967). He also appeared in the New German Cinema in films such as Wim Wenders’ Der Stand der Dinge (1982).

Although Patrick Bauchau gained recognition for his roles in European cinema, he’s better known for his performances in American television and movies. His notable appearances include Choose Me, A View to a Kill as henchman Scarpine, The Pretender, Kindred: The Embraced, The Rapture, Clear and Present Danger, The Cell, Panic Room, Boy Culture, Carnivàle, 2012, Extraordinary Measures, Get the Gringo, and his last film Me and Kaminski in 2015.


Patrick Bauchau guest-starred on popular shows like Murder, She Wrote, House, and 24, and had a leading dramatic role in the biographical movie The Gray Man, which dramatized the crimes of American serial killer Albert Fish. Additionally, Bauchau often performs the French dubbing of his characters himself.

Patrick Bauchau is married to Mijanou Bardot, the sister of model and actress Brigitte Bardot, and resides in Los Angeles.