Travel Switzerland Through James Bond’s Eyes

James Bond Switzerland Locations: A Journey Beyond the Silver Screen

Nestled amidst the majestic Alps, Switzerland, with its pristine landscapes and quintessential charm, has long been a haven for those seeking solace and beauty. But to the aficionado of cinema, especially the tales of our beloved MI6 agent, James Bond, this picturesque nation plays another role – that of an iconic backdrop to some of 007‘s most gripping adventures.

From the vertiginous heights of Piz Gloria to the winding roads of Furka Pass, the Land of Chocolates and Clocks has played host to Bond’s thrilling escapades, immersing audiences into a world where fiction seamlessly intertwines with stunning reality.

As we delve into Switzerland’s cinematic rendezvous with James Bond, let’s journey together into the heart of these iconic locales, each narrating a tale of intrigue, romance, and heart-pounding action.


James Bond in Switzerland

Switzerland has often been chosen as the backdrop for many a gripping narrative in the James Bond universe. For anyone looking to travel in his footsteps, absorb our experiences and allow it to tickle the travel bug in you.

The Furka Pass: When Bond Met Goldfinger Amidst Alpine Splendour

Ah, the Furka Pass! It’s not just a stretch of tarmac that twists and turns but a marvel, where nature’s craftsmanship met man’s engineering prowess. You see, dear readers, this isn’t any regular road, it’s where asphalt kisses the heavens, and the views can steal your breath faster than a secret agent can steal a glance.

Furka Pass James Bond Switzerland

Nestling in the very heart of Switzerland’s picturesque alps, the Furka Pass, a challenging 35km stretch of winding, mountainous roads. Every James Bond fan recognizes its allure — not just for the breathtaking vistas, but for the thrill of imagining oneself navigating those hairpin turns in an Aston Martin DB5, just as Bond did.

Who can forget that fateful encounter in Goldfinger when Tilly Masterson, perhaps a tad distracted by the sheer drop or maybe the dashing man in the aforementioned Aston Martin, met with a rather unfortunate crash?

It was dramatic, sudden, and riveting, much like my failed attempts to capture a similar shot on my vintage camera. Note to self: mountains might look stationary, but weather, ah, she’s a fickle mistress.

In the grand tapestry of Goldfinger, the Furka Pass is where two plots intertwined, destiny took a sharp turn, and Bond’s tale was forever etched onto this alpine paradise. The majestic mountains standing witness to Bond’s adventures, with secrets whispered among the alpine flowers.

So, while the Furka Pass might not need grand introductions to the informed, it’s unquestionably a must-visit for anyone venturing to Switzerland. And on east side of the pass it’s even called “James Bond Strasse” with its own sign and a parking bay to chill and soak up the vista. 

For the traveller seeking a blend of adventure and nostalgia, Furka Pass and its abundance of hairpin turns is simply unparalleled, especially in a DB5. Well we can all dream, can’t we?

Piz Gloria: Bond’s Panoramic Playground on the Peaks

The Schilthorn isn;’t just another snowy peaked summit, but at the very top is the regal abode of Piz Gloria, an establishment that has seen more drama than my aunt Mildred’s weekly bridge club. For those not in the know, this is where Bond, in all his kilted and tuxedoed glory, took on villains and wooed beauties in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Piz Gloria James Bond Switzerland

As you ascend the Schilthorn, there’s a palpable sense of stepping into 007’s polished shoes. The air grows crisp, the views expand, and by Jove, the whole world seems to lay before you in a breathtaking panorama. Pizgloria stands proud, not just as a testament to Swiss hospitality, but as a beacon for every Bond enthusiast, drawing them like moths to a flame. Or should I say, like villains to a secret lair?

In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Piz Gloria is the beating heart of the narrative. It’s where alliances were forged, enemies unmasked, and where Bond, ever the charmer, romanced with an alpine backdrop that could make even the most hardened spy’s heart flutter. And who could forget those mesmerising chases on the snow-clad slopes?

Yet, beyond its cinematic credentials, what truly sets Piz Gloria apart is its unique character. As you settle into the restaurant, it slowly rotates, offering a 360-degree view of Switzerland’s majestic peaks. A feast for the eyes, and yes, the stomach too.

Though, a word of caution: while sipping on a martini (shaken, not stirred, naturally), the ever-changing view can be disorienting, especially if you, like me, are trying to spot Blofeld‘s tracks in the snow.

In essence, Piz Gloria is an amazing experience. A harmonious blend of Swiss sophistication, cinematic legacy, and a touch of Bond’s undying charisma. If Switzerland is on your travel radar, and it should be, making the pilgrimage to this iconic spot is simply non-negotiable. For in the words of the man himself, it’s truly “a view to a kill”. Cheers!

Grindelwald: Where Bond Reunites with Tracy

Anyone going to Switzerland will be thinking ski resorts, fondue, and scenic rail journeys, and they’re not wrong. But to those of us with a penchant for a certain spy’s escapades, Grindelwald is the canvas upon one of Bond’s most romantic capers.


It sounds suspiciously like a character from a magical novel, but Grindlewald is actually a pristine jewel in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and it’s town center plays home to the ice skating scene where Bond reunites with his beloved future wife, Tracy.

Set against the town’s cobblestone streets and timbered chalets, the Christmas Festival scene is poetic. Imagine, if you will, the twinkle of fairy lights, the muffled laughter of festival-goers, and snowflakes that seem to waltz to their own rhythm. Then enters Bond, our dashing agent, not on some covert operation, but ensnared in a dance of romance and pursuit.

The sheer audacity of blending high-octane chases with the delicate grace of ice skaters is pure Bond genius. It was a tableau of contrasts: the tension of the chase juxtaposed against a backdrop of holiday revelers, with Tracy gracefully skating before Bond demands they leave and leave quickly in her Mercury Cougar XR7.

The beauty of Grindelwald provided the perfect foil to Bond’s rugged charm, weaving a tale that was as much about love as it was about espionage. Of course the Christmas lights nor the Ice Skating rink are not there year round, but the charm of this quaint town is timeless.

Contra Dam: Bond’s Leap of Faith in GoldenEye

The Contra Dam is one of Switzerland’s most impressive feats of engineering, and of course it played a key part in the introduction of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Towering above the Verzasca Valley, this dam doesn’t just hold back torrents of water, it also momentarily held Bond back before he took one of the most audacious plunges in cinematic history.

Contra Dam James Bond Switzerland

Remember the opening sequence of GoldenEye, where Bond is in the Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility in the chilly terrains of the Soviet Union? And then, with the nonchalance only 007 can muster, he leaps, bungee cords in tow, into the abyss. A heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moment, and a scene that remains etched in the annals of Bond legend.

Now, here’s the delightful twist in our tale. While our trusty filmmakers would have us believe Bond was gallivanting in Soviet territory, the actual locale of this gravity-defying stunt was none other than the Contra Dam in good old Switzerland. Actually, it’s also known as Verzasca Dam and Locarno Dam, but to keep it simple we’ll stick with Contra Dam.

For the eagle-eyed traveller or the die-hard Bond enthusiast, a visit to the dam presents a peculiar thrill. It’s a chance to stand where Bond once stood, and perhaps muster the courage to peer down into the seemingly bottomless depths below.

And best of all, for the brave that is, you can actually bungee jump at the Contra Dam. While I personally recommend leaving the bungee jumping to the professionals, there’s an undeniable allure to being at the very spot of such cinematic magic.

The Contra Dam is an engineering marvel, and it’s also reservoir of film history, adventure, and the spirit of James Bond. And if you decide to do a bungee jump, you might even hear the faint strains of the Bond theme as you launch yourself from the peak.

James Bond Switzerland Locations

Switzerland, with its panoramic landscapes and timeless allure, has played a seductive role in some of James Bond’s most iconic moments. From heart-pounding chases across snowy terrains to moments of reflection amidst serene vistas, the James Bond Switzerland locations offer fans a tangible connection to cinematic history.

Whether you’re a die-hard 007 enthusiast or just an avid traveler, tracing James Bond’s footsteps through the Switzerland is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Just don’t forget your kilt and tuxedo.

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