Meet the Live and Let Die Cast

Live and Let Die Cast

Roger Moore - Bond, james Bond

Roger Moore as James Bond

Yaphet Kotto

Yaphet Kotto as Dr Kananga/Mr Big

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour as Solitaire

Julius Harris

Julius W. Harris as Tee Hee Johnson

Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi

Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi

Clifton James

Clifton James as Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver

Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver

David Hedison as Felix Leiter

David Hedison as Felix Leiter

Lois Maxwell

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso

Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso

Earl Jolly Brown as Whisper

Earl Jolly Brown as Whisper

Roger Moore’s First Outing as 007 Backed by a Memorable Cast

In the gilded pages of Bond history, Live and Let Die casts its own bewitching spell. The year was 1973. The silver screen saw Roger Moore don the iconic tuxedo for the first time, promising the birth of an era.

And it wasn’t just the windswept charm of Moore that dazzled us, the film itself was a cavalcade of firsts. San Monique’s voodoo undertones and Harlem’s treacherous alleys crossed paths with the first black Bond villain and Bond girl, creating more than just cinematic ripples.

The 8th filmic gem in the Bond diadem, Live and Let Die may have taken loose inspiration from its literary namesake, but it also broke its own ground. Moore was, of course, an urbane debutant as Bond, but it was Yaphet Kotto’s grounded villainy that stood out.


No grand plans of world domination, just raw, tangible ambitions. Kotto’s Mr. Big, lurking in the dual shadows of New York and New Orleans, shared an enigmatic connection with San Monique’s Dr. Kananga.

With Bond’s detective cap firmly on, a transatlantic game of cat and mouse ensues. What unfurls is a narrative twist – Mr. Big is the very same dictator of San Monique, with aspirations tethered to America’s heroin circuits.

Despite criticisms of riding the Blaxploitation wave a bit too closely, the film etches its mark. Jane Seymour’s Solitaire is Dr. Kananga’s mystical tarot reader, predicting Bond’s every move until love (or perhaps its illusion) pulls the wool over her eyes. Seymour’s ethereal beauty intertwined with her psychic abilities becomes the linchpin for Bond’s endeavour to dismantle Kananga’s empire.

And then, there’s the pioneering Gloria Hendry. Cast as Rosie Carver, this former Bunny Girl turned CIA double agent marks a milestone in Bond history as the franchise’s first Bond girl of African descent. Rosie’s allegiances may be dubious, but her role remains undeniably seminal.

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The Live and Let Die cast offers some of the most enchanting villains, all vying for their own limelight in Bond’s San Monique sojourn.

Julius W. Harris as Tee Hee Johnson is one of the most iconic henchmen in the franchise cannon, with his prosthetic claw has become the stuff of cinematic legends. This towering antagonist, with his distinctive metal appendage, cranks up the tension, literally going claw to fist with Bond in heart-stopping encounters.

Yet, it is Geoffrey Holder’s Baron Samedi, the voodoo maestro with a penchant for Bond’s demise, who introduces an uncanny, otherworldly dimension. His chilling attire and formidable aura easily make him stand out as one of Bond’s most singular foes.

And then there’s Earl Jolly Brown’s Whisper. With an almost theatrically muted presence, this henchman offers an understated menace, speaking volumes without raising his voice.

As for comic interludes, Clifton James, as the delightfully oblivious Sheriff J.W. Pepper, often finds himself chasing Bond’s shadow, providing viewers with hearty chuckles along the way. So engaging was James that his Sheriff Pepper returned for an encore in The Man with The Golden Gun.

David Hedison’s Felix Leiter is Bond’s reliable anchor in these tumultuous waters. As the unyielding CIA aide, Leiter assists Bond in navigating the murky realms of Mr. Big’s empire, lending a hand when stakes are at their peak.

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Amid the intrigue and espionage, romance doesn’t take a back seat, in fact, Bond in bed with a random woman introduced us to the Roger Moore’s era. Madeline Smith’s Miss Caruso, the fleeting Italian enchantress, offers a sultry beginning to Moore’s era. Their brief rendezvous takes a comical turn when M, Bond’s superior, remains oblivious to 007’s morning escapades, even as Miss Moneypenny catches a scandalous glimpse.

It’s evident that the Live and Let Die cast brings together a medley of characters, a spectrum more diverse than many of its predecessors. Set against the backdrop of the Blaxploitation age, the film navigates its theme, plot, and locales with a finesse that sets the stage for Moore’s celebrated seven-film sojourn. It was, undeniably, a magnum opus kickoff for an era that promised more.

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The Full Live and Let Die Cast

  • Roger Moore – James Bond
  • Jane Seymour – Solitaire
  • Yaphet Kotto – Mister Big
  • Geoffrey Holder – Baron Samedi
  • Gloria Hendry – Rosie Carver
  • David Hedison – Leiter
  • Joie Chitwood – Charlie
  • Clifton James – Sheriff J.W. Pepper
  • Earl Jolly Brown – Whisper
  • Julius Harris – Tee Hee Johnson
  • Madeline Smith – Miss Caruso
  • Bernard Lee – M
  • Roy Stewart – Quarrel Jr.
  • Michael Ebbin – Dambala
  • Lois Maxwell – Miss Moneypenny
  • Tommy Lane – Adam
  • Ruth Kempf – Mrs. Bell
  • Kubi Indi – Sales Girl
  • Arnold Williams – Cab Driver 1
  • Lon Satton – Strutter
  • B. J. Arnau – Singer
  • Irvin Allen
  • Alvin Alcorn
  • Shane Rimmer
  • Paul Weston
  • George Lazenby
  • Fiorella Betti
  • Desmond Llewelyn
  • Ross Kananga
  • Irwin Allen
  • Vic Armstrong
  • Aleksandr Gruzdev
  • Arturo Dominici
  • Louis Mahoney
  • Carlo Alighiero
  • Luciano De Ambrosis

More Info

Who directed Live and Let Die?

Live and Let Die was directed by Guy Hamilton.

Who produced Live and Let Die?

Live and Let Die was produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli.

Who wrote the screenplay for Live and Let Die?

The screenplay for Live and Let Die was penned by Tom Mankiewicz.

Is Live and Let Die based on a book?

Yes, Live and Let Die is based on the novel “Live and Let Die” by Ian Fleming.

Who was responsible for the Live and Let Die cinematography?

The cinematography for Live and Let Die was done by Ted Moore.

Who edited Live and Let Die movie?

Live and Let Die was edited by Bert Bates, Raymond Poulton, and John Shirley.

Who composed the music for Live and Let Die?

The music for Live and Let Die was composed by George Martin.

Who sang the theme song for Live and Let Die?

The theme song for Live and Let Die was sung by Paul and Linda McCartney.

When was Live and Let Die released?

Live and Let Die was released on 27 June 1973 in the USA and on 12 July 1973 in the UK.

What was the budget for Live and Let Die?

The budget for Live and Let Die was $7 million.

How much did Live and Let Die earn at the box office?

Live and Let Die garnered a box office collection of $161.8 million.