Kincade: The Unsung Hero of Skyfall

Kincade is the caretaker of the Skyfall Lodge, the historic property of the Bond family in Scotland. He comes to life in the 2012 film Skyfall, brought to the screen by the late British actor, Albert Finney, and is the only person to call James Bond a ‘jumped up little sh*t’ and get away with it.


Following a failed assassination attempt on M, instigated by Raoul Silva at a public inquiry in London, Bond brings her to his long-abandoned childhood home in Scotland, known as Skyfall Lodge.

His strategy revolves around drawing Silva into a trap at the lodge, with M serving as the bait. To ensure this plan, he instructs Q to generate an electronic trail for Silva to follow.


As they arrive at Skyfall Lodge, an old man holding a shotgun greets them. This is Kincade, the caretaker of the Bond family property. Recognizing Bond, he greets him simply, “James, James Bond…”, and in response, Bond jocularly asks “Oh, are you still alive?”

Bond introduces M, and Kincade mistakes her for ‘Emma’, before revealing that the lodge was sold after his 007’s presumed death. Bond then informs Kincade about the imminent danger, and together, they get ready for Silva’s anticipated arrival.

Their armory consists of James’ father’s hunting rifle, a hunting knife, and a few sticks of dynamite as Kincade had sold all other guns to a collector. Despite being lightly armed, they manage to craft a series of traps.

While waiting for Silva’s onslaught, Bond advises Kincade to stay out of the fight, but Kincade insists on helping out in the battle that’s about to happen.


Throughout the ordeal, Kincade is flirtatious yet respectful towards M. He gifts her an old scarf, shows her a hidden escape tunnel, the priest’s hole, and provides insights into James’s behavior and predicament.

Kincade also helps Bond set up the traps, including placing a mirror strategically to create a reflection, sawing off half the barrel of his shotgun, and testing it on a door.

As Silva’s men storm the lodge, Bond, M, and Kincade fend off the first wave of assault. Using his modified shotgun, Kincade takes out two of Silva’s men with a terse “Welcome to Scotland!” He appears unsettled by the violence and drops shotgun shells while reloading, prompting Bond to step in and dispatch Silva’s henchmen.

When Raoul Silva arrives with a second wave in a helicopter, Bond instructs M and Kincade to escape through the priest’s hole. Once outside the tunnel, Kincade tries to help an injured M towards a nearby chapel, but M is struggling after being hit by shot.

Silva notices the beam from Kincade’s flashlight and starts chasing Kincade and M, and when he reaches them he fires a warning shot and holds Kincade at gunpoint. Silva, then shows perverse interest in M’s injury, before thrusting his gun into her hand, imploring her to shoot them both.

Bond arrives just in time, and throws a knife into Silva’s back and ending his life. Tragically, M also succumbs to her injuries and dies in Bond’s arms. Kincade, observing from a distance, removes his hat out of respect for the fallen M.

Albert Finney

Albert Finney was a celebrated British actor renowned for his diverse roles. Born in 1936, he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and started his career in theatre before transitioning to film. His early notable works include Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and Tom Jones.

Later, he earned acclaim for roles in films like Erin Brockovich and Big Fish. His final performance was in Bond 23, Skyfall as Mr. Kincade. There were rumors that Sean Connery was lined up to play Kincade, but Finney played him and to perfection.

In addition to film, Finney’s talent extended to theatre and television, with his performances winning multiple awards, including the BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Emmy. Beyond acting, he was an ardent supporter of charitable causes such as the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Also an accomplished painter, his artwork graced several galleries and museums worldwide.