Sean Connery Almost Appeared in Skyfall

Sean Connery Almost Appeared in Skyfall

Academy Award-winning director Sir Sam Mendes recently revealed that James Bond actor, Sir Sean Connery, almost made a cameo appearance in the 50th anniversary 007 movie Skyfall, which starred Daniel Craig as Bond.

It was six decades ago since Sean Connery burst onto screens and ignited one of cinema’s most beloved legacies in the iconic first James Bond movie Dr. No.

Sean Connery starred in the first five 007 movies before his replacement by George Lazenby for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969.


A record-breaking salary offer $1.25 million plus two upcoming projects of choice incentivised Connery to come back for the role of Bond again for 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever – an event that cemented him as a major player in cinematic history ever since.

Sean Connery Never Said Never Again, After Saying It Initially

In 1983, the Hollywood icon made a surprise return to the role as Bond for one last time in Never Say Never Again – a modern unofficial recreation of Thunderball. Going head-to-head with Roger Moore‘s Octopussy, Sean Connery proved that he still had what it takes to be 007.

Connery then moved on from Bond movies and had a successful acting career, winning an Academy Award and Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actor in The Untouchables.

But after some relative success and some disappointing movies that followed especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 2003, it seemed like Connery was going to drift off into retirement.

For Bond 50th anniversary, Skyfall director Sir Sam Mendes considered a cameo appearance for Sean Connery’s to return as groundskeeper Kincade. From early on in pre-production, it had been decided that Connery would come out of retirement to play a part in what is regarded by many as the best Bond film of all time.

Speaking of the possibility of Connery appearing in Skyfall, Mendes said, ‘There was a definite discussion about it way, way early on. But I think that’s problematic. Because, to me, it becomes too… it would take you out of the movie.’

Sam Mendes

‘Connery is Bond, and he’s not going to come back as another character. It’s like, he’s been there. So, it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract.’

It Would Have Been Nice, But Connery Is Bond After all

It’s unsure whether Connery would have come out of retirement, after he turned down a cameo appearance in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s also understandable regarding the confusion, especially in such a serious part of the movie where M is actually killed off.

No doubt fans would have liked to see Connery back in a Bond film, but it wouldn’t have been 007. He did his stint as Bond, made history and left us with some indelible memories, so it’s probably best he didn’t come back as a minor character. After all, he’s the original Bond, James Bond.