Jeffrey Wright Open to Returning as Felix Leiter

Jeffrey Wright Open to Returning as Felix Leiter

Well, ladies and gents, don’t let the martini glasses shatter just yet! Our beloved sidekick, Jeffrey Wright, might just jump back into the James Bond arena for another round. Now, you remember him, right? The slick 57-year-old who played 007’s homeboy Felix Leiter in three Daniel Craig reboots.

He might have got whacked in No Time To Die, but that’s not dampening his spirits, far from it.

Sure, when Deadline put the squeeze on him about a Bond reboot, he chirped, “Yeah. Or if there’s a ‘ghost of Felix Leiter’ moment, then I’ll certainly consider doing that.” Now ain’t that just like a cat who ain’t ready to let go of the cream?


Nw don’t get it twisted. Our man Wright had one hell of a time flying high with Bond, rubbing shoulders with Daniel Craig and the masterminds behind the scenes, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. He ain’t hankering for more screen time. But he sure wouldn’t say no if the opportunity came a-knocking.

The longest running Leiter spilled, “I was just this enormous, geeky fan of the Bond films growing up, like most red-blooded humans. I’m as pleased as punch with what we pulled off. I’m ready to step aside and let some other lucky devil have a crack at it.”

Felix Leiter

At 57, Could Jeffrey Wright Return?

In the great roulette of cinema, Wright’s not the kind to rest on his laurels, no sir. He’s seen the roll of the dice bring back characters deader than disco, and he ain’t one to shy away from a game of chance.

Now, some naysayers might be squawking about Wright’s age, whispering he might be getting a touch too long in the tooth to return to the Bondverse. At 57, would he still have the spring in his step to chase down the baddies and deliver those killer one-liners?

But let’s take a trip down memory lane, folks. Remember our beloved Roger Moore? That silver fox was still donning the tux and saving the world at a sprightly 58 when he starred in his last Bond flick, ‘A View to a Kill’.

But the question ain’t just whether the golden opportunity will come knocking. It’s also whether our man Wright, now a seasoned stallion of the Bond franchise, will choose to mount that wild ride one more time.

He’s enjoyed his stint as a Bond sidekick, but there’s no denying he’s got bigger fish to fry too. The lure of fresh roles and unexplored cinematic territories might just be too tempting for a versatile old pro like Wright. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Still, something tells me, if the right script was tossed his way, our friend Jeffrey might just dust off those spy shoes for one last tango with Bond. And wouldn’t that just be the cat’s pajamas!

Charlotte Kirk in talks to become a Bond girl?

Bond 26 – What We Know?

With Wright throwing his hat into the ring for Bond 26, we have another possible jigsaw piece to the puzzle. Sure, nothing is concerned, but when all we can do is speculate, it’s all we can do.

That said, British actress Charlotte Kirk has recently said, she’s been in talks for a part in the next Bond flick. A definite Bond girl in the making, but she didn’t let on much.

For the next James Bond, there’s not much movement in the odds, with Aaron Taylor Johnson, Henry Cavill and James Norton still the leading names. All three would make fantastic Bonds, but as always, the producers throw up a surprise, and with the next Bond flick not expected until at least 2025, they have time so don’t be surprised if it’s neither of these.