Pam Bouvier

Pam Bouvier: The Bold and Beautiful Bond Girl

Pamela “Pam” Bouvier is a compelling Bond girl from the James Bond universe, standing out as a former U.S. army pilot and CIA informant. First introduced in the 1989 film Licence to Kill, she was brought to life by Carey Lowell’s memorable performance.

Pam Bouvier’s character, unique in her strength and intelligence, went beyond the typical Bond girl mould, establishing a lasting impact on the franchise. Her influence extended beyond the film, with Lowell reprising her role in the 2012 video game 007 Legends, and John Gardner incorporating her character in his novelization of the movie.

Pam Bouvier

Pam Bouvier is a former United States Air Force (USAF) combat pilot, now serving as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) informant.


She partners with DEA agent Felix Leiter to bring down Franz Sanchez, a notorious Latin American drug lord. Her invaluable knowledge about the merciless smuggler and his criminal circle makes her a prime target for his cartel, while she remains the sole surviving contact for Leiter.

Bond and Bouvier in the casino

While actively serving the CIA, Bouvier convincingly feigns resignation to offer her pilot services to Sanchez’s crew, furthering the mission. James Bond first meets her in conversation with Leiter at his wedding reception, but she leaves before Bond gets a chance to chat with her.

After Sanchez throws Leiter into a shark tank, Bond retaliates by throwing Ed Killifer into the same tank, leading to his termination from MI6, and so he goes on a personal vendetta to avenge Leiter’s maiming.

After pilfering $5 million from Milton Krest, Bond covertly visits Leiter’s office to discover a scheduled meeting at a Bimini bar. Initially, Bouvier is disheartened to see Bond, but she gradually places her trust in him.

When Dario enters the bar, Bouvier asks Bond if he is armed. After seeing his Walther PPK, she reveals her Mossberg 500 Cruiser, which she uses to escape via Bond’s boat after blasting a hole in the wall. Dario shoots her, but her Kevlar vest saves her from injury.

After their escape, and spending some time together, she agrees to help Bond in hunting down Sanchez, posing as Bond’s executive secretary while he penetrates Sanchez’s operation. Concurrently, she contacts Colonel Heller to negotiate a deal offering him immunity upon Sanchez’s arrest.

With Q’s help, Pam Bouvier tails Bond and Sanchez to the Olympatec Meditation Institute, where Sanchez holds Bond. Disguised as a student, she infiltrates the OMI, steals a key from Professor Joe Butcher, and sneaks into the distribution center.

There, she shoots Dario and helps free Bond, before they destroy all of Sanchez’s drug convoy and bring down his empire, before Bond kills Sanchez.

Pam Bouvier Licence to Kill

Following their encounter with Sanchez, Bouvier and Q join Bond at a party at the former drug lord’s residence. Bouvier notices Lupe Lamora and Bond kissing, and immediately gets jealous before fleeing downstairs to the poolside.

Bond notices, and despite Lupe’s insistence for him to stay, he arranges a date for her with President Hector Lopez, before jumping down into the pool. He then pulls Pam Bouvier into the pool, where they share a passionate kiss.

Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell, born on February 11, 1961, is a renowned actress and former model best known for her roles as Pam Bouvier in James Bond movie, Licence to Kill and as Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross in Law & Order.

Born to geologist James Lowell, Carey’s childhood was marked by travels across the globe. She launched her career in modeling, working with industry titans like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, before transitioning to acting.

After her breakout role in Licence to Kill, she starred in Law & Order for five years. While acting, Lowell studied literature and documentary filmmaking at New York University. She has two children and has been married three times, one of them Richard Gere.