Milton Krest

Milton Krest – Marine researcher and Drug Smuggler

Milton Krest serves as a marine researcher and narcotics trafficker, using his company, Wavekrest Marine Research, to transport cocaine for the Sanchez Cartel. Drawing inspiration from a literary character in Ian Fleming’s short story, The Hildebrand Rarity, and brought to life by American actor Anthony Zerbe, Krest is one of the key henchmen in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill.

Milton Krest

Milton Krest operates the Ocean Exotica warehouse, and the Wavekrest, a marine research vessel. These facilities provide ideal covers for drug kingpin Franz Sanchez‘s drug activities in the U.S. and Caribbean.

Once a formidable man, Krest now serves as Sanchez’s intoxicated puppet, spying on his boss’s girlfriend, Lupe Lamora. Krest’s organization plays a crucial role in rescuing Sanchez following his arrest by American officials and participates in Sanchez’s gruesome disfigurement of Felix Leiter.


James Bond seeks out Krest at his marine research facility to uncover information about Sanchez and his location. Bond breaks into the warehouse at night, discovering hidden cocaine within maggot incubators.

Bond also infiltrates the Wavekrest, sabotages a drug shipment managed by Krest and his crew, and makes away with five million dollars of Sanchez’s money. In response, Krest instructs his men to kill Bond, but 007 escapes in the drug runner’s seaplane.

Milton Krest meets him gruesome death

Milton Krest falls victim to Bond’s mission for retribution against Sanchez for harming his friend Felix and killing his wife, Della. After earning Sanchez’s trust and persuading him that someone is plotting his murder, Sanchez becomes suspicious of Krest.

Assisted by Pam Bouvier and Q, Bond plants some of the stolen money from Sanchez inside a decompression chamber on the boat. Later that night, Sanchez visits Krest aboard the Wavekrest, and he believes that Krest has hired assassins to kill him using Sanchez’s money.

Enraged, Sanchez forces Krest into the decompression chamber, incrementally increasing the pressure to an extreme level before breaking the vent with an axe. The sudden decompression results in Krest’s head swelling and then violently bursting, spraying the porthole window and money with blood.

After Krest’s brutal death, Franz Sanchez orders his men to clean the money.

Anthony Zerbe

Anthony Zerbe, born on May 20, 1936, is an American actor known for his work in stage, television, and film. His passion for acting began in high school and continued to grow after his service in the U.S. Air Force and studies at Pomona College and the Stella Adler Studio.

Zerbe’s versatile performances range from TV shows like The Virginian and The Rockford Files, to iconic film roles in The Omega Man, The Molly Maguires, Papillon, Licence to Kill, and The Matrix series.

Also an Emmy Award winner, he has served as the artistic director of the Reflections Festival at the Geva Theatre. He has been married to Arnette Jens since 1962, and they have two children.