Magda: Octopussy’s Trusted Partner and Femme Fatale

Magda is a captivating character who effortlessly captures the attention of audiences in the 1983 film, Octopussy. As Kamal Khan’s henchwoman and Octopussy’s right-hand woman Magda proves to be an indispensable and loyal partner in the enigmatic Octopus Cult.

Beautifully portrayed by Swedish actress, Kristina Wayborn, Magda embodies a blend of charm, ruthlessness, and seductiveness, adding plenty of intrigue to the film.


We first see Magda at Sotheby’s Auction House in London, trying to win the bidding on a Fabergé Egg called “Property of a Lady” alongside Kamal Khan. James Bond spots her, and is immediately impressed with her beauty. She reminds Khan about the lost duplicate egg, prompting Khan to bid on his own egg to return it to the Russian vaults.


Bond and MI6 art specialist Jim Fanning bid against them at the auction, swapping the real egg with Khan’s lost copy while inspecting it. This egg was retrieved by agent 009 at the cost of his life. Eventually, Bond lets them take the jewel, having significantly increased its price, and he secretly steals the genuine egg.

Following the auction, Bond trails Magda as she leaves the building and sees her getting into a limo driven by Khan’s loyal henchman, Gobinda, with Khan joining her shortly after.

Magda is next spotted arriving at the Hotel Casino in Udalpur, India, donning a white dress. Bond watches from his hotel window as she disembarks a large boat rowed by the stunning Octopus girls using long oars.

Magda and Bond in bed

Later, Bond finds Magda at the hotel casino with Khan, who’s using his “lucky dice” to cheat at backgammon against Major Clive. Magda is standing by Khan’s side, as Bond notices him cheating against the major.

Bond approaches Magda at the bar and offers her a drink. She recognizes him from the auction, and they exchange compliments. Afterward, Bond replaces the major in the game against Khan, using the other fake Faberge egg as a guarantee. He then rolls double sixes with Khan’s “lucky dice” to secure victory.

When it becomes apparent that Bond possesses the egg, Khan dispatches Magda to seduce Bond and recover it. As Bond strolls through the hotel pool area, a waiter informs him that his table is prepared in the dining area, and his guest awaits.

Upon arrival, he’s surprised to find Magda. She conveys Khan’s proposition to Bond: trading the egg for his life. However, Bond charms her, and they end up in his room, sipping champagne in bed. Bond notices an Octopus tattoo on her backside, representing the Blue-Ringed Octopus, one of the most dangerous species. It’s later revealed that her boss, Octopussy, keeps one a s a pet.

Early the next morning, Magda snatches the Faberge Egg while preparing to leave, playing into Bond’s plan as he’s put a tracking device in it. On the balcony, Magda dons her saree dress, ties one end to the railing, and tells Bond she doesn’t know how to say goodbye.

Bond replies, “Actions speak louder than words.” Expecting a farewell kiss, but instead she performs a backward flip over the railing, the saree dress unravels all the way down, providing a soft landing below.

Kamal Khan meets her at the bottom, drapes a robe over her, and they leave in a waiting car. After her escape, Gobinda knocks Bond unconscious. Coming around at Khan’s Monsoon Palace, Bond joins Kamal and Magda for dinner. Kamal introduces her as Magda for the first time, noting their prior acquaintance.

Later, Bond uses acid from Q‘s pen to dissolve the steel bars on his window and sneaks around the palace. He catches a glimpse of the stunning Magda getting ready for bed in a nearby room, donning a sultry black silky slip and removing her stockings. She notices Bond escaping the palace but keeps silent.


Later, Magda appears as the ringmaster and performer at the Octopussy circus in Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany. She entertains military generals in the audience with magic tricks, clad in a sexy magician’s outfit.

The following night, Magda wears the magician outfit again while performing at a U.S. Air Force Base in West Germany. Unbeknownst to her, Kamal Khan and General Orlov have hidden an atomic bomb in the circus, intending to detonate it and drive NATO out of Western Europe.

After General Orlov’s death, Bond sneaks in and disarms the bomb, leading Octopussy and Magda to realize Kamal’s betrayal. Magda then hesitantly switches sides as she, Octopussy and the Octopus Cult intend to bring down Kamal Khan’s empire.

Magda leads the Octopus girls in storming the palace, wearing a skimpy belly dance outfit. She dances seductively to distract the guards while other girls play musical instruments. At the right moment, she sheds her skirt, and she and the girls incapacitate the guards, successfully seizing the castle.