Gobinda: The Unforgettable Henchman in Octopussy

Meet Gobinda, the formidable and loyal henchman of Kamal Khan, brilliantly portrayed by the talented Indian actor Kabir Bedi in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy.

With a striking and powerful presence, Gobinda is the first Indian henchman in the Bond series, and is epitome of unwavering allegiance and ruthless efficiency. As Khan’s right-hand man, he casts an imposing shadow, leaving an indelible mark on the thrilling world of James Bond.


Gobinda is Kamal Khan‘s right hand man in every sense of the word. He consistently accompanies him everywhere, fulfilling various responsibilities, primarily focused on security.


James Bond first meets him as he’s serving as a chauffeur for Khan and his henchwoman Magda following the Sotheby’s auction.

Later in India, Gobinda’s serious demeanor becomes evident when he crushes the loaded dice after Bond beats Kamal at backgammon in a hotel casino. Gobinda and other henchmen later pursue Bond and his Indian ally, Vijay, through Agra’s streets in rickshaws, trying to kill them.

Eventually, Gobinda captures Bond after Magda seduces him and takes the genuine Fabergé Egg, taking him to Monsoon Palace as Khan’s “guest,” where Bond learns about Khan’s partnership with General Orlov.

Gobinda crushing dice with his bare hands

Later in West Germany, Gobinda fights Bond on Octopussy’s train, but Bond gets away. Gobinda spots 007 as they leave the circus and he informs Khan, who decides to let Bond continue, anticipating his imminent death in the explosion. But Bond and Octopussy disable the bomb and head back to India to confront Kamal Khan.

During the attack on Khan’s palace, Octopussy is captured by Khan and Gobinda, who flee in a plane. Bond follows, leaping onto the plane, damaging one engine. Khan orders Gobinda to go outside of the plane and fight 007. It’s clearly a dangerous move, but the loyal henchman does as he’s requested.

Realizing he’s outmatched and that the plane’s wing is a precarious battleground, Bond uses the plane’s antenna against Gobinda. As Gobinda tries to grab Bond, 007 whips the antenna at Gobinda’s head, which causes Gobinda to lose his grip on the fuselage, resulting in his fatal fall.

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi, born in 1946, is a renowned Indian actor who started his career in theatre before transitioning to Hindi films. He was among the first Indian actors to achieve international fame, working in Hollywood and gaining stardom in Europe.

With a career spanning several decades, Bedi has acted in over 60 Indian films and numerous TV shows, including the James Bond film, Octopussy. Bedi is also a regular contributor to Indian publications and often debates on political and social issues on national television.

He has received numerous awards, including being knighted by the Italian Republic’s President in 2010. Married four times, Bedi has three children.