Miranda Frost

Miranda Frost: Harvard Graduate, Olympic Champion and Double Agent

Miranda Frost is an Olympic standard fencing champion and intelligence operative who works for the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). However, her true allegiance lies with billionaire diamond magnate Gustav Graves.

Rosamund Pike, a British actress, portrays this double agent, femme fatale in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day in what was her first film role. The character also appears in the Raymond Benson novelization of the film.

Miranda Frost

Miranda Frost is a Harvard graduate and an Olympic fencing gold medalist. She publicly maintains the facade of being Gustav Graves‘ public relations officer and fencing partner. Her gold victory at the 2000 Sydney Olympics came by default after Graves arranging for the real gold medalist’s overdose on steroids. This earned Graves Miranda’s unflinching loyalty.


James Bond is undercover and has been ordered to assassinate North Korean Colonel Tan-Sun Moon. However, double agent, Miranda Frost surreptitiously discloses Bond’s true identity to Moon’s deputy, Zao. As a consequence, Bond is locked up in a North Korean torture camp and endures 14 grueling months of interrogation before being exchanged for Zao who was captured by the British.

M dispatches Miranda Frost to collaborate with Bond. Frost agrees, even though she disapproves of his tactics, something that impressed M thinking she won’t fall for his charm. In Iceland, when Mr. Kil and his minions corner them, Miranda keeps Bond’s identity concealed by indulging in a passionate kiss. To sustain the illusion they’re a couple, they even spend the night together in Miranda’s suite.

The next morning, when Bond decides to confront Graves, Miranda tries to dissuade him, but he remains firm. In a tense standoff, with Bond holding Graves at gunpoint, Miranda reveals her betrayal by aiming her gun at Bond. Bond tries to retaliate, only to discover that his Walther P99 is empty — something Miranda had done when they were in bed.

Miranda Frost from Die Another Day

Cornered by Miranda’s gun, Bond manages to escape by using Q‘s sonic agitator ring to shatter the glass platform beneath them. Both Miranda and Bond plunge into the jungle-themed environment inside Graves’ geodesic dome adjacent to his Ice Palace.

After the foiled attempt to kill Bond using Graves’ satellite weapon, Icarus, Graves and Miranda Frost escape in an Antonov An-124 aircraft.

Later, Bond and his American NSA collaborator, Jinx Johnson, catch up with Graves and Miranda in North Korea. After infiltrating Grave’s Antonov, Bond and Jinx separate, but Jinx is caught by Miranda at the cockpit. They both engage in a swordfight aboard the spiraling plane.

Despite scoring a near-fatal slash across Jinx’s stomach and taunting her about her predictability, Miranda meets her end when Jinx stabs her with a dagger lodged in a copy of “The Art of War.”

Responding to Miranda’s shocked expression, Jinx retorts, “read this, bitch,” driving the dagger deeper with a kick as Miranda collapses dead.

In the aftermath, Bond is seen grieving for Miranda Frost, indicating that despite her deceit, he held genuine affection for her.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike, born in 1979 in London to opera singers Julian Pike and Caroline Friend, is a prominent British actress recognized for her exceptional stage and screen performances. Despite initial rejections from stage schools, she studied English literature at Oxford and acted in numerous plays.

Rosamund Pike’s early career included roles in British TV shows before her breakthrough film role in Die Another Day (2002). Her diverse performances include award-winning roles in The Libertine (2004), Pride & Prejudice (2005), and Gone Girl (2014), for which she earned several award nominations.

She’s also worked in voice-over roles, including a series of James Bond audiobooks. Recently, Pike won a Golden Globe for her role in I Care a Lot (2021) and executive produced the podcast Edith! (2021).