Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson

Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson: The Bond Girl With a Twist

Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson is an NSA agent who collaborates with James Bond in the 2002 movie Die Another Day. Their joint mission involves the surveillance of Zao, a renegade agent from North Korea, and probing his connections to Gustav Graves, a notorious diamond tycoon.

Jinx is played by American actress Halle Berry, an NSA Agent and Bond girl who meets Bond in Cuba, spend some time together and end up going to Iceland and North Korea in their endeavour to bring down the evils of Gustav Graves.

Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson

Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson is and NSA Agent tasked with the mission of killing rebellious North Korean terrorist, Zao, who’s in Cuba undergoing a gene-altering treatment at the Alvarez clinic.


While there, she meets James Bond in a beach bar. He’s also in pursuit of Zao with the intention of learning the identity of a traitorous agent responsible for his lengthy captivity of 14 months in North Korea.

She introduces herself as Jinx, a nickname derived from the fact that she was born on Friday the 13th. The pair engage in a tit-for-tat exchange of suggestive comments and which quickly leads to Bond’s room at the Hotel De Los Organos for some steamy sex.

The following morning Bond wakes up in a slumber, and notices Jinx has gone. Shed left early to head to the clinic with the intention of assassinating Dr. Alvarez while getting access to Zao’s medical records.

However, Bond’s abrupt intervention disrupts her mission, as he found the North Korean before she did. After a chase involving Jinx and Bond, Zao manages to evade capture via a helicopter, leaving Jinx to confront the clinic’s security forces.


She makes a daring escape by shedding her clothes down to a bikini and leaping backwards off a cliff into the ocean, where she’s subsequently picked up by a boat.

The investigation heads to Iceland, and Jinx continues to trail Zao to Gustav Graves‘ diamond mining operation. During a public display of the Graves’ Icarus Satellite at his Ice Palace, she again crosses paths with Bond.

Later, Jinx breaks into Graves’ office where she discovers Zao ‘resting’ within a Dream Machine. She’s about to assassinate Zao, but is thwarted when Graves incapacitates her before she does.

Following a line of questioning by Zao, Jinx is left to be killed by Mr. Kil, who prefers to use the industrial lasers rather than shooting her. As the laser inches towards her head, her rescue comes in the form of 007, who intervenes and halts the machine. Mr. Kil ambushes Bond, but Jinx seizes control of the swinging machine and triggers the laser, cutting through Kil’s head.

Jinx then confirms her affiliation to the NSA, so she and Bond team up to share vital information. The revelation that Zao is in cahoots with Graves, who’s in truth a former North Korean nemesis, Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, becomes apparent to Bond.

The duo separate, with Bond engaging Graves and Jinx rushing to alert MI6 agent Miranda Frost. Unfortunately for Jinx, Frost is a double-agent working in Graves’ favor. After a verbal exchange, Miranda traps her in Bond’s room and leaves her to perish as Graves’ satellite-based heat-ray causes the Ice Palace to dissolve.

On the brink of drowning in the rapidly flooding room, Bond swoops in for another rescue, smashing through the door with his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and taking her to a warm pool nearby for resuscitation.

In the ensuing pandemonium, Graves and Frost abscond in his personal aircraft and head to North Korea.

Giacanta Jinx johnson

Acting on directives from their respective agencies, Jinx and Bond infiltrate a North Korean airbase with the aid of switchblades, aiming to eliminate Graves before he can take flight once more. Once aboard, they divide their efforts again, with Jinx subduing the pilot while 007 confronts Graves.

Jinx successfully assumes control of the aircraft, but Bond unintentionally shatters a window in Graves’ viewing area, which makes the aircraft difficult to handle. Despite the challenge, she maintains the plane’s flight, but a surprise attack by Frost, who wields a sword, forces her to relinquish control to the auto-pilot.

She’s then led out of the cockpit, but the auto-pilot unexpectedly propels the plane into the Icarus’s active solar beam, causing the aircraft to jerk violently and begin to disassemble. The sudden impact throws Frost to the ground, giving Jinx the advantage.

A fierce sword duel ensues between Frost and Jinx, ending when Jinx drives a knife into Frost’s torso. Amidst the plane’s fiery destruction, Jinx and Bond find a way to evacuate in a helicopter, where they once again succumb to their mutual attraction.

Halle Berry

Maria Halle Berry, born on August 14, 1966, in Cleveland, Ohio, is an esteemed American actress. She launched a career in modeling, earning notable placements in beauty contests such as Miss USA and Miss World 1986.

Her acting career took off with the film Jungle Fever (1991) and she gained significant recognition in Boomerang (1992). Berry’s portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge in the 1999 TV film earned her a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe.

In the 2000s, she became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, starring in the Bond film Die Another Day (2002) and the X-Men franchise as the character Storm. Berry’s other notable performances include Swordfish (2001), Monster’s Ball (2001) – which earned her an Academy Award, Gothika (2003), Catwoman (2004), Perfect Stranger (2007), Cloud Atlas (2012), and The Call (2013).

She also appeared in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) and Moonfall (2022). Halle Berry made her directorial debut with the Netflix drama Bruised in 2020. She has a production company, 606 Films, and has been married three times, with two children from previous relationships.