Dr. Valdo Obruchev

Dr. Obruchev – Creator of Nanobot That Takes Out Bond

Dr. Valdo Obruchev, a notable figure in the scientific field focusing on genetics and nanorobotics, holds a vital role in crafting a revolutionary DNA-focused nanoweapon. Played by actor David Dencik in the 2021 Bond film, No Time To Die, his nanoweapon is what’s known as “Heracles,” was created under the watchful eyes of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6), but a shocking revelation lies beneath the surface.

Dr. Valdo Obruchev

In 2020, a sudden invasion of Dr. Obruchev’s London lab by Spectre, a notorious crime syndicate, results in the scientist’s abduction. Interestingly, this event coincides with Lyutsifer Safin‘s plot to bring vengeance upon Spectre and commandeer Heracles.

After being whisked away to Cuba, Dr. Obruchev secretly modifies the weapon, leading to a mass extinction of Spectre’s hierarchy instead of the initial target—former SIS agent, James Bond.


Assuming James Bond is one of Safin’s pawns, Dr. Obruchev finds himself in the company of CIA agents Felix Leiter and Logan Ash, and it soons becomes clear that Ash is a defector working for Safin.

Amidst a chaotic exchange of gunfire on the CIA vessel, Dr. Obruchev is rescued by the traitor and taken to Safin’s newly-acquired chemical plant located in the Sea of Japan/Okhotsk. Here, Dr. Obruchev commences the mass production of Heracles—a deadly weapon that, in Safin’s hands, threatens to annihilate millions and reshape the world.

Following Safin’s command, Dr. Obruchev also crafts a specialized version of Heracles meant for two captives—James Bond’s partner, Madeleine Swann, and her young daughter, Mathilde.

Eventually, James Bond and new Agent 007, Nomi, penetrate the island in a daring mission to liberate the hostages and put an end to Heracles’ production. Nomi detains Dr. Obruchev in his lab while Bond confronts Safin.

Following a tense standoff, Nomi leaves the lab with the overly self-assured Dr. Obruchev. His audacious threat to release Heracles against individuals of West African origin pushes Nomi over the edge. With the ominous words, “time to die,” she sends the scientist plummeting into a pool of lethal fluid, resulting in his demise.

Despite his downfall, Dr. Obruchev’s specialized Heracles weapon designed for Madeleine and her daughter has far-reaching implications. When Safin smashes the vial’s contents on Bond’s face, the realization hits Bond hard: any future physical contact with Madeleine or his daughter will lead to their instant death.

With this chilling revelation, Bond makes a heart-wrenching decision to remain on the island, ultimately meeting his death along with the remnants of Dr. Obruchev’s dangerous project during a missile assault.

David Dencik

David Dencik, born on October 31, 1974, is a renowned Danish-Swedish actor known for his roles in Swedish, Danish, and English-language films. His passion for acting sparked during his teenage years in Brazil when he was introduced to Capoeira.

After studying at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, he began his career with minor roles before gaining fame in Sweden with his role in the TV mini-series Lasermannen. Some of his notable performances include films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Top of the Lake, McMafia, and most recently, No Time to Die.

Dencik’s talent has earned him two Robert Awards, a Guldbagge Award, and seven Bodil Award nominations.