Logan Ash

Logan Ash is CIA Agent, but also serves as an undercover informant, collaborating with the terrorist Lyutsifer Safin. His character brought to life by American actor Billy Magnussen in the 2021 James Bond film, No Time to Die.

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Logan Ash

Logan Ash is a CIA operative and is partners with Felix Leiter. When MI6 scientist Dr. Valdo Obruchev is kidnapped by Spectre, Ash and Leiter are dispatched to Jamaica to locate former MI6 agent James Bond and persuade him to help in finding Obruchev.

Ash introduces himself to Bond with a level of enthusiasm that seems excessive, proclaiming himself a “big fan.” Bond, however, dismisses Ash, giving him the sarcastic nickname “The Book of Mormon” and initially declines to help.


Yet, when he learns that Obruchev was involved in “Project Heracles” – a bioweapon incorporating nanobots that can propagate upon contact and target specific genetic codes – he changes his mind.

Bond, along with another CIA operative, Paloma, manages to take Obruchev after he manipulates Heracles to eliminate the remaining Spectre members at Safin’s command, an unexpected move for both Bond and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Bond delivers Obruchev to a boat where Leiter and Ash are stationed. Despite Ash insisting that Bond’s mission has ended, Bond adamantly demands to know Obruchev’s employer. Cornered, Ash reveals his true loyalties by shooting Leiter in the abdomen and then shoving him into the hull.

Bond and Ash then fight, before Obruchev kicks a gun over to Ash, forcing Bond to retreat. Logan Ash then seals him in the hull, sinks the ship with a limpet mine, and takes Obruchev to Lyutsifer Safin. Bond narrowly escapes, but Leiter succumbs to his wounds and drowns.

MI6 agent Nomi is dispatched to pursue Logan Ash following his treachery, and tracks him to Norway. Bond learns about Ash’s whereabouts while visiting his past lover, Madeleine Swann, and their daughter Mathilde.

Logan Ash with Felix Leiter and James Bond

Realizing that Ash is in his vicinity, he leaves with Swann and Mathilde, attracting a chase by Ash and his heavily armed men. The pursuit extends into the forest, where Bond guides Swann and Mathilde to safety before luring Ash away with his gunfire.

Logan Ash falls into the trap, losing most of his men to Bond’s ambush. In a desperate attempt, Ash and his driver try to kill Bond, but their vehicle flips over, leaving Ash critically wounded. Incapacitated and seeing imminent death, he pleads with Bond, referring to him as his “brother.”

In response, Bond retorts, “I had a brother. His name was Felix Leiter,” before he pushes the car, causing it to crash onto Ash, and with it avenging Felix Leiter’s death.

However, in the wake of Ash’s death, Bond learns that Safin used Ash merely as a diversion to capture Swann and Mathilde himself.

Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen, an American actor born on April 20, 1985, in Queens, New York City, has Norwegian and Lithuanian roots. After spending his early years in Queens, he moved to Georgia and completed his education at South Forsyth High School and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

He started his career on Broadway in 2007, eventually receiving a Tony Award nomination. Magnussen’s film roles include appearances in Blood Night, Happy Tears, and Into the Woods, with his portrayal of Rapunzel’s Prince marking a career breakthrough.

His television work includes roles in American Crime Story, As the World Turns, and a guest-starring role on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He also had a notable role in Bond 25, No Time To Die as double agent Logan Ash.

Aside from acting, Magnussen has had a music career, having been a bass player for The Dash and a guitarist for Reserved for Rondee.