General Medrano

Luiz Medrano: Corrupt, Murdering, Bolivian General

General Luiz Medrano is an exiled Bolivian General and the archenemy of intelligence operative Camille Montes. He’s portrayed by Mexican actor Joaquin Cosio and acts as the secondary antagonist in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Medrano also appears in the film’s video game 007: Quantum of Solace.

General Luiz Medrano

General Medrano, the once notorious dictator of Bolivia, now in exile after being overthrown, he negotiates a strategic partnership with Quantum, a notorious criminal group, with the aim to destabilize Bolivia’s current regime.

In this mutually beneficial scheme, Dominic Greene‘s firm, Greene Planet, will acquire the rights to a purportedly barren Bolivian landscape that secretly holds extensive resources. As a man of infamy, General Medrano doesn’t hesitate to risk a drought and famine, potentially causing suffering to countless innocent lives, if it paves the way for his return to power.


With Mr. White‘s surprising escape from MI6’s hold, Medrano’s first appearance is at Greene’s harbor where he encounters Camille Montes, a covert agent for the Bolivian intelligence. It eventually comes to light that Medrano had a horrific past with Camille’s family. He was responsible for the death of her mother, father and sister.

In the unfolding storyline, General Medrano conspires with Colonel Carlos to kill René Mathis, his informant, and put the blame on James Bond to attract the attention of Bolivian authorities.

The climax finds Medrano at Perla de las Dunas, a hotel in the Bolivian Atacama Desert, where he’s looking to finalize his agreement with Quantum. After signing the initial documents from Elvis, he is then presented with another contract, which would enable Quantum to monopolize Bolivia’s only water utility company and substantially hike prices.

Dominic Greene and General Medrano

Despite his initial reluctance, a veiled threat from Greene forces Medrano to comply and sign the contract. In return, he receives his share of the funds as agreed upon.

Still, despite receiving his payment, General Medrano’s dissatisfaction fuels his anger, which he channels by attacking his chambermaid. However, his actions are interrupted by a counterattack led by Bond and Camille, resulting in the demise of all the henchmen.

As Bond is fighting with Greene, Camille manages to kill Lieutenant Orso, Medrano’s right-hand man, before confronting Medrano himself. She intervenes, freeing the maid and allowing her to flee, but Medrano counterattacks, recalling his vile past with Camille’s family.

Despite his threats, Camille remains resolute and shoots General Medrano in the head, bringing an end to her quest for vengeance. Afterward, Camille and Bond narrowly escape from the burning hotel, leaving Medrano’s lifeless body in the debris.

Joaquin Cosio

Joaquín Cosío Osuna is a Mexican actor, who showed a passion for arts, especially poetry and acting, from an early age. After finishing his education, he pursued theater and began his acting career in the early 1980s.

His film debut was in The Blue Room in 2001, leading to over 30 film roles and numerous shorts, displaying his range as an actor. Cosío gained international recognition through his role as General Medrano in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace and his character in HBO’s comedy Eastbound & Down.

He has worked with acclaimed actors in films like Savages and A Night in Old Mexico and appeared in Disney’s The Lone Ranger. Cosío has also appeared Netflix series Narcos: Mexico and Gentefied and also provided voice work for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.