Elvis: The Bowl-Cut Henchman Who Put the ‘Oops’ in ‘Troops’

The James Bond universe has its own Elvis, and he’s a memorable henchman (in his own right). Played by Swiss actor Anatole Taubman, he serves Quantum operative, Dominic Greene in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace, and he brings a new dimension to how henchmen look and operate.


Elvis is given the responsibility of aiding Dominic Greene‘s objective of acquiring a land abundant with resources in Bolivia. The idea is to financially support the usurpation of the Bolivian president and install the exiled Bolivian General Luiz Medrano.

Elvis makes his first appearance during an altercation at a Port-au-Prince dockside in Haiti, where Bolivian secret agent Camille Montes confronts Greene for his attempt to have her assassinated by contract killer Edmund Slate.


Engrossed in a call with his mother, Elvis tries to hinder Montes’ entrance, only to be effortlessly brushed aside. This, along with her subsequent escape with James Bond, diminishes Elvis’s credibility, an image further marred by his not-so-stylish bowl-cut.

Later, during a private jet meeting with Gregg Beam and Felix Leiter, Elvis is seen shadowing Greene as he negotiates with the deceitful Beam.

Elvis with a neck brace on in Quantum of Solace

Following a face-off with Greene at the Greene Planet Fundraiser Party, Elvis is sent to stop Bond and Camille from leaving the event, leading to a stairwell chase.

He gives chase, and just as he’s at the top of the stairs, Bond’s MI6 colleague Strawberry Fields sticks her leg out, causing Elvis to tumble down the stairs, enabling Bond and Montes to make their getaway. Elvis is later spotted donning a neck brace, amplifying his embarrassment.

Elvis is later spotted with Greene’s driver at the Eco Hotel in Bolivia’s Atacama Desert, overseeing Greene’s interaction with General Medrano and Colonel Carlos. Despite Greene convincing Medrano to sign the Quantum deal, their meeting is disrupted when Bond intrudes, murdering Carlos and setting the hotel on fire.

This compels Greene to evacuate, leaving Elvis behind to safeguard his retreat. Prepared to face Bond, Elvis aims his weapon at the entrance, only to be consumed by a massive explosion caused by the fire reaching the hotel’s hydrogen fuel cells.

Anatole Taubman

Anatole Taubman is a Swiss actor recognized for his proficiency in various languages and a global approach to his craft, making him a popular figure in international cinema. Hegraduated from the ‘Circle in the Square’ drama school in New York City in 1994 to pursure his passion for acting.

Taubman’s versatility and linguistic skills have facilitated his roles in over 50 feature films and TV productions. Among his notable English-language TV performances are Band of Brothers, Servants, POW, Spooks VI, Waking The Dead VII – Pièta, and The Tudors II.

In film, his talents have been showcased in works such as Mein Name is Bach, Luther, Marmorera, Fay Grim, and Quantum of Solace, where he famously portrayed goofy henchman, Elvis.