Patrice: Hired Mercenary in Skyfall

Patrice is one of Raoul Silva’s hitmen, who plays a key role early in the 2012 film, Skyfall. Played by Swedish actor Ola Rapace, he steals the hard drive with all the MI6 agents names on it before coming up against Bond in a thrilling motorbike chase on the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


In the opening scene of Skyfall, Patrice invades the MI6 safehouse, killing Ronson, an MI6 operative, along with other agency staff, with the intention of stealing a critical list of the identities of all covert MI6 agents in the field.

M, in response, tasks James Bond and the new field agent, Eve Moneypenny, with the mission to capture him in Istanbul. Just as Patrice leaves the scene in his Audi A5, Bond and Moneypenny give ghase in a Land Rover Defender. Aware that he’s being trailed, Patrice instigates a thrilling high-speed chase, drawing the local police force’s attention.


As Bond and Moneypenny’s pursuit results in a crash, Patrice brandishes a Glock 18 with a 100-round magazine, using it to take out several law enforcement officers and bystanders, aiding his getaway. He then seizes a motorbike from a police officer and attempts to flee, but Bond takes a motorbike and chases Patrcie over the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar.

Moneypenny gives chase on through the labyrinthine of streets, but Patrice skilfully boards a moving train. Bond, although struggling, is able to keep pace and confronts him with both shooting at each other.

Now out of ammunition, Patrice and Bond resort to brutal hand-to-hand combat while Eve Moneypenny tells M over the radio that she might have a shot at Patrice, but it’s risky as he’s fighting with Bond.

M, growing increasingly frustrated, orders Moneypenny to take the risky shot at Patrice. She does, but inadvertently hits Bond, causing him to plummet into the river below, presumed dead. Patrice seizes the moment to escape, taking the stolen hard drive to his employer, former MI6 agent Raoul Silva.

Patrice on the train in Skyfall

Following his successful getaway, Silva gets Patrice involved in his Shanghai operations. After months of Bond’s supposed death and a devastating explosion at the MI6 headquarters, Bond resurfaces, driven by the need for vengeance.

He identifies Patrice, using the unique bullet lodged in his shoulder. Tracking him to Shanghai, Bond shadows his would-be killer in an office building, where Patrice kills two security guards so he can get up to the room to assassinate a renowned art critic.

Completing his assignment with precision, he encounters Bond, and an intense melee ensues. Bond gets the better and with Patrice hanging precariously off the building, Bond asks him who his employer is, but he refuses to say anything before plummeting to his death.

Inside Patrice’s rifle case, Bond uncovers a golden token – a lead to a specific Macau casino, which Bond takes to cash in with the expectation of finally getting to Patrice’s employer.

Ola Rapace

Born Sonny Ola Rapace Jawo, in December 1971, Rapce is a renowned Swedish actor most recognized for his portrayal of Patrice in Bond 23, Skyfall. His acting debut came in the critically acclaimed film Together by Lukas Moodysson.

His breakthrough role was in the popular Swedish TV series Tusenbröder. And he continued his acting career in crime-related shows such as Anna Pihl, Wallander, and Section Zéro, also serving as the executive producer for the latter.

His first English film was Rancid in 2004, with significant roles in other international projects, including Skyfall, Ares, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.