Carlos: Terrorist for Hire

“Carlos Nikolic” is the alias used by the freelance arms manufacturer and terrorist. He’s a minor villain in the 2006 movie, Casino Royale. Italian Actor, Claudio Santamaria, brings the character to life in the movie, and the character resurfaces in the 2008 video game, 007: Quantum of Solace.


Investment banker Le Chiffre has used the finances of a Ugandan warlord to short the stock of Skyfleet, an aerospace firm that’s about to announce its prototype jet. After James Bond kills Le Chiffre’s original bomb maker in Madagascar, he brings Carlos on board to blow up Skyfleet’s pioneering S570 prototype, and help crash the stock price.

Bond’s lead takes him to Miami Airport, and he kills Alex Dimitrios, the henchman that hired Carlos, only to realize the bag that Dimitrios put down had gone. As Bond rushes out into the sea of people, he calls Dimitrios’ phone, a number he had previously texted.


Dimitrios’ phone rings, allowing Bond to identify the target, Carlos. At the terminal, Bond shadows the terrorist, who dons a police uniform to help him slip into a restricted zone. Bond is following him, among the many passengers at the airport.

Carlos, aiming to divert the security personnel and evade any confrontation, triggers the sprinkler system as a smokescreen. He then ventures onto the airstrip, seizes control of a fuel truck, and affixes an explosive keychain to the underside of the tanker before steering towards the Skyfleet S570 prototype.

Bond chases Carlos on foot, miraculously climbing up on some aircraft stairs and landing on top of the tanker. In a bid to knock Bond off, Carlos recklessly rams the tanker into a few aircraft vehicles while Bond strives to dislodge Carlos from the cabin.

Carlos abandons the tanker just as it nears the Skyfleet S570 prototype, leaving Bond to try and stop the tanker, which he does, just inches from the plane.

Following Bond’s arrest by the police, a smirking Carlos activates his bomb’s phone detonator. However, during the earlier confrontation between the two, Bond had secretly removed the bomb from the tanker, affixing it onto Carlos’ belt. Carlos only realizes this fatal mistake moments before the blast takes his life.

Claudio Santamaria

Claudio Santamaria, born July 22, 1974, in Rome, Italy, is a multifaceted Italian actor known for his roles in film, television, and voice work in animation and Italian dubs. He entered the film industry in 1997, making his debut in Leonardo Pieraccioni’s Fuochi d’artificio, and further exhibited his acting prowess in several other films, quickly becoming a notable figure in cinema.

He gained significant recognition for his role as Carlos, a terrorist in the James Bond film Casino Royale. His performance as Enzo ‘Jeeg’ Ceccotti in the 2016 superhero film They Call Me Jeeg earned him the prestigious David di Donatello for Best Actor award.

Besides his on-screen work, Santamaria has contributed his voice to iconic characters in Italian versions of international films like Munich and Batman.