Jack Wade

Jack Wade, a CIA operative, assists Bond in investigating the Janus Syndicate in the 1995 film GoldenEye. He returns in the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies, he briefly appears, portrayed by American actor Joe Don Baker, who had played villain Brad Whitaker in The Living Daylights back in 1987.

Jack Wade also makes an appearance in the video game 007 Racing, where he’s voiced by Bill Mondy.

Jack Wade


After his assignment to St. Petersburg, Jack Wade links up with the MI6 agent, 007. The agent’s initial reaction to Wade’s nonchalant demeanor isn’t overly positive, leading him to demand proof of Wade’s identity, in the form of a tattoo bearing his ex-wife’s name.


Post verification, Wade guides 007 through the city, pointing out various deteriorating structures that once belonged to the Soviet military, now neglected due to the new government’s economic constraints.

When 007 inquires about Janus, Wade admits his knowledge is limited, but shares a prevailing rumor – Janus is believed to reside in a fortified train, formerly part of the Soviet Union’s missile transport fleet.

He also explains the scarce information available on Janus within the Russian government, as any admitting to such knowledge would be compromising themselves.

Bond and Jack Wade

The pair then journey to the “Statue Park” in Wade’s rundown car, a site littered with discarded statues of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, as well as symbols of the Sycle and Hammer. During the return drive, Wade proposes to take Bond to Janus’s major rival, Valentin Zukovsky, and navigates them to his nightclub.

Tucked away in a bustling alley that operates as a round-the-clock black market, Zukovsky’s establishment sits in a location Wade dubs as the “shopping mall of death”. He advises Bond to enter the club through a door on his left and follow the unique scent to find Zukovsky.

Later, Bond reaches out to Wade for help in fleeing the country along with Natalya Simonova. Wade arranges false passports and disguises for them, before flying them to the United States.

From there, they travel to Puerto Rico, where Wade again meets them to supply maps of Havana, which is presumed to be the base of operations for the criminal mastermind, Janus.

Wade offers further assistance if needed, but the next encounter with the pair is in a jungle clearing, following their triumph over Janus. Wade subtly signals the Marines hidden in the jungle to allow Bond and Natalya some peace.


In the bustling St. Petersburg airport, James Bond meets Jack Wade. Wade is patiently waiting for him, and as Bond spots him, he approaches, uttering the words, “London’s April is a spring month.”

Following their conversation, they stride towards Wade’s car. While Wade is busy putting Bond’s suitcase on the car roof, Bond swiftly gets the upper hand, holding Wade at gunpoint and demanding, “Show me the rose.”

With a flush of embarrassment, Jack complies, lowering his trousers to reveal a rose tattoo, complete with the name “Muffy.” Jack admits that Muffy is his third wife. Shortly after this unusual introduction, Jack Wade asks, “Do you enjoy gardening?”

Bond and Jack Wade

Later, their car breaks down. As Wade tinkers with the engine, the two discuss Janus. Once the car is running again, Wade mentions that Bond’s biggest adversary is an ex-KGB agent, Valentin Zukovsky. Bond recalls the name, confessing to Wade that he was the one who caused Zukovsky’s limp.

Later on, Wade surprises Bond and Natalya Simonova by trading them a plane for Bond’s BMW Z3. As Wade receives the keys, Bond playfully advises him against playing with the buttons. Then lastly, when Bond and Natalya Simonova have destroyed the Janus Syndicate, and are alone in a field, Wade turns up with US Marines to escort them to Guantanamo.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Once again, Jack Wade materializes in Bond’s world, welcoming him after he retrieves a GPS encoder from Elliot Carver‘s office. The stolen encoder had disastrously sent the HMS Devonshire off course, leading to the death of all aboard.

The last sight of Jack Wade is him watching Bond depart to investigate the shipwreck, without having the chance to say a proper farewell.

Joe Don Baker

Joe Don Baker is a renowned American character actor, best known for his roles in westerns and the James Bond series. Born in Groesbeck, Texas on February 12, 1936, he began his career on Broadway during the 1963-64 season.

Throughout the late 1960s and early 70s, he appeared in minor roles in various TV shows and films until his breakthrough in 1973 with the success of Walking Tall. The film became an unexpected hit, grossing $23 million nationwide.

Baker’s physicality and Texan accent made him an ideal fit for westerns, leading to roles in Guns of the Magnificent Seven, Wild Rovers, and popular TV series like Bonanza and Gunsmoke.

Baker is most notable for his roles in three James Bond films. He initially played the villain Brad Whitaker in The Living Daylights (1987) and was later cast as CIA agent Jack Wade, an ally to Bond, in GoldenEye (1995) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), making him a select group of actors, including Charles Gray, Richard Kiel, and Walter Gotell, who’ve played both allies and adversaries in the Bond series.