Izabella Scorupco Cast as Bond Girl a Week Before GoldenEye Started

Izabella Scorupco Cast as Bond Girl a Week Before GoldenEye Started

When the GoldenEye cast was put together, it was clear that Pierce Brosnan would be the new 007 to take on the role. But the casting choice didn’t go so swimmingly for the entire ensemble.

In fact, the main Bond Girl, Natalya Simanova, played by by Izabella Scorupco was cast only a week before cameras began rolling on the long awaited Bond 17.

GoldenEye Director Martin Campbell was speaking to CinemaBlend, telling the tale of the last minute hire of Scorupco. The casting director Campbell had hired had scoured Europe for a actress suitable for the role.


The casting director had gone around Europe, she was someone who went to the theater, to all of it. I remember sitting down a week before shooting, it was a week or eight days before shooting, and I asked her, ‘Is there any country you haven’t been to?’ She said, ‘No. Wait a minute…I haven’t been to Sweden.’ That night she got on the plane, she went to Sweden, and she found Isabella.

We scraped through by the skin of our teeth, and Isabella was terrific. … The casting director came back, and literally the following morning she rang and said, ‘I’ve got our girl.’ Isabella flew back with the casting director, I read her for 30 seconds, and I said ‘You’ve got the part.’

GoldenEye Director Martin Campbell

Marin Campbell Known for Eratic Casting Choices

In all fairness, when Martin Campbell has his sights set on casting a particular actor, he tends to act swiftly. For instance, even after misplacing his Casino Royale script, Mads Mikkelsen‘s audition was met with a speedy and humorous “welcome aboard” from Campbell.

Though the casting of Natalya in GoldenEye may have taken longer than he would have preferred, Campbell’s keen eye ultimately found the perfect fit, and thus, the Pierce Brosnan chapter of James Bond commenced.

The casting proved to be a resounding success, with both Izabella Scorupco and Famke Janssen delivering powerful performances as Bond girls alongside Brosnan’s refreshing portrayal of the iconic spy.

In GoldenEye, Scorupco’s Natalya was expertly utilized. The character had been dressed down and wore “normal” clothes compared with previous Bond girls, and her attitude was pronounced throught the film. The dynamic duo’s eventual romance was further enriched by the captivating chemistry they shared on screen.

Martin Campbell’s casting instincts have occasionally led to some less fortunate moments in the realm of James Bond casting. He turned down Henry Cavill, saying he was too inexperienced for Casino Royale’s lead role.

However, Campbell’s discernment has also contributed to his success, as evidenced by his two consecutive, triumphant 007 reboots. Izabella Scorupco serves as just one example of his astute casting choices.

Considering his impressive track record, it might be worth exploring whether the GoldenEye director could achieve a remarkable hat trick in the Bond franchise. Also, would he go with Henry Cavill now he’s a bit older?