Jane Seymour as Solitaire Would Love To Do It All Again

Jane Seymour has admitted she felt out of her depth when she starred as Solitaire in Live and Let Die, but would love to return as the iconic Bond girl.

After appearing in “Live and Let Die” alongside Roger Moore, she couldn’t imagine not suiting up once more. She would enthusiastically take on her role again if given the chance.

“Of course, I’d do it,” Seymour recently told People magazine. “I’ve always been very open about saying that I’d be happy to just walk behind the scene and someone could go, ‘Is that Solitaire?’”


Seymour’s portrayal of Solitaire, a voodoo psychic medium who served as one of Dr. Kananga’s associates, propelled the 20 year old newcomer to stardom.

Jane Seymour

“I was 20 years old when I shot the James Bond film and I had no idea what was going on,” said the popular Bond girl.

Today, Seymour proudly proclaimed that she is part of an exclusive society known as Bond girls along with reputable actresses such as Ursula Andress, Halle Berry, Britt Ekland, Jill St. John, Honour Blackman and Eunice Gayson.

“I support everything to do with the Bond franchise,” Seymour said. “When they have books coming out about Bond girls or podcasts or whatever it is, I always show up. There’s this really interesting sorority of women who’ve been Bond girls, which is fun in its own right.”

‘I was completely out of my depth,’ said Seymour.

Seymour admitted to being young, naive and even out of her depth when she landed the role, but said she really enjoyed the experience of playing the virgin tarot card reader.

“I was very young. I really didn’t know anything,’ said Seymour. “I mean, I was 20 when I was shooting that and I was a very young 20 – more like 15 really. They were looking for someone to play a virgin and I think I was the last one they could find. I was close anyway. I was completely out of my depth. I was in the most exotic places, fabulous hotels – it was a very heavy experience.”

James Bond seduces Solitaire in Live and Let Die

But she did say Roger Moore put her at ease, saying he “was very kind and very thoughtful.”

“He really took care of me, which was really kind of him,” said Seymour. “But I was totally out of my depth in it. And the funny thing is, I felt comfortable hanging out with the dancers from the film… I’d skip out of what I was doing and go to where the rehearsals were and join them.”

Jane Seymour may have felt out of er depth but she’s gone down in Bond folklore history

Jane Seymour was only 20 when she starred alongside Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. She says she felt out of her depth, and for such a young girl, that’s understandable.

That said, she’s gone down in Bond folklore history as one of the most popular Bond girls throughout the 60 years of Bond films. And wouldn’t it be nice to see the elegant, British, 71-year-old actress do it all again. After all, minor bond girl, Ling from You Only Live Twice (1967) made a cameo in the 2006 film Casino Royale.