Royston Drenthe: From the Bernabeu to MI6 – The Most Unexpected James Bond in the Making?

Could Royston Drenthe Really Become The Next James Bond?

In the unpredictable world of James Bond, there’s one thing we’ve come to expect: the unexpected. But even with that reputation, the latest shortlist for the next 007 takes us into an entirely new realm. Royston Drenthe, the ex-Real Madrid star, has astonishingly been linked with the coveted role of Bond, James Bond, leaving many both flabbergasted and intrigued.

This development would seem absurd, even farcical, but we live in a world where Leicester City won the Premier League at odds of 5000/1. With Drenthe’s odds of taking the Bond mantle being a not-so-ridiculous 500/1, it begs the question: could we be on the cusp of another seismic upset?

Royston Drenthe: Trading Football Boots for Action Boots

Most remember Drenthe for his rather checkered football career, including a stint at one of the world’s most illustrious clubs, Real Madrid. After a tumultuous time that saw him go from Madrid to Everton, where he had many run ins with boss David Moyes, before moving on to Reading. The dynamic Dutchman finally hung up his boots in 2022.


However, Drenthe had no plans of fading into the background post-retirement. He switched pitches for sets, channeling his on-field ferocity into a compelling portrayal of gangster Frenkie Prof in the Dutch crime drama, Mocro Maffia. Drenthe’s performance turned heads and sparked whispers about his potential in the acting world.

Reflecting on his initial foray into acting, Drenthe revealed to Ladbrokes Fanzone, “When it came to the day of my audition, the casting team couldn’t believe it was my first time acting… they were so surprised I’d not done anything like this before.”

When pushed on the Bond role, Drenthe certainly didn’t distance himself from taking up the mantle, “I know Daniel Craig is giving up the role of James Bond… is that the next job for me? I’d have to work on my English a little more, I think!”

With a successful role under his belt and a willingness to explore new opportunities, it’s little wonder why Drenthe’s name has been floated in the Bond casting conversations.

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The Dutch Connection: From Field to Film

Drenthe isn’t the first footballer to try his hand at acting, nor is he the first to be linked with the iconic Bond role. Vinnie Jones, former Wimbledon hard man, has carved out a successful acting career, matching his fierce on-field persona with an equally rugged on-screen presence in Guy Ritchie gangster movies Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

However, while Jones has been linked with the Bond role before, Drenthe offers something truly unique. With his roots in the footballing world, Drenthe already possesses the physical prowess necessary for the demanding role of 007. His brief yet impactful acting experience and apparent enthusiasm for the industry suggest a genuine capability to make the leap from pitch to big screen.

Could this be a new trend in the making, where former footballers take on iconic roles in cinema? Time will tell.

James Bond: Shaken and Stirred?

The idea of an ex-footballer filling the shoes of the suave and sophisticated James Bond might raise a few eyebrows. Yet, the unexpectedness of Drenthe as a potential 007 is strangely aligned with the franchise’s longstanding tradition of surprise.

As the search for Daniel Craig’s successor intensifies, it remains to be seen whether Drenthe will be given the chance to swap his football jersey for a tailored tuxedo. If he does, it will be a casting call that has us both shaken and stirred.

Could the man who once roamed the Bernabeu now step into the world of shaken martinis, fast cars, and explosive spy action? It’s unlikely, and Ladbrokes odds of 500/1 prove that, but stranger things have happened.

The Bond franchise is known for pushing boundaries, and Royston Drenthe as James Bond would be no exception. Footballer, actor, and possibly the next 007. It’s a hat trick nobody saw coming, but one that might just be the perfect goal.