Snubbed for Bond Role, Brian Cox Strikes Back as 007 Reality TV Host

Snubbed for Bond Role, Brian Cox Strikes Back as 007 Reality TV Host

In a candid sit-down with GQ, Brian Cox, the veteran actor renowned for his diverse roles and unmistakable voice, opened the curtain to the backstage of his decision to host the James Bond reality show, 007: Road to a Million.

With a twinge of humor and a dash of retrospection, Cox brought to light how he had been “ignored” by the James Bond movie series producers over the years, stating matter-of-factly, “I’ve been ignored over the years as far as James Bond is concerned.”

Diving deeper into the conversation, Cox, ever the charismatic storyteller, painted a picture of what could have been—a tantalizing image of him playing a Bond villain.


Though he hinted at the notion that such a time might be in the rearview mirror, he wasn’t without his playful jabs, “If you were ever looking for somebody to play a Bond villain [it would be me]… so this is sort of my way of getting back at them.”

Throughout the interview, it was evident that Cox had a genuine fondness for 007: Road to a Million, describing the concept as “witty” and showing his clear approval of the show’s idea.

Drawing a line between himself and those who might find hosting a game show beneath them, Cox confidently asserted, “It was a no-brainer, really.”

Bond Wannabes Globetrotting for £1 Million

Giving us a sneak peek into the show’s format, Cox illuminated the James Bond-style adventures that contestants would embark upon, traversing famous Bond locations worldwide and facing exhilarating challenges for a chance to win a cool £1 million ($1.2 million).

007: Road to a Million season one is set to launch on Prime Video, and will be accessible in over 240 countries simultaneously, bringing the thrill of espionage and adventure to a global audience.

Dr Evil one million pounds

Brian Cox will guide participants through challenges and adventures, embodying the spirit of the iconic James Bond series. As contestants traverse famous Bond locations and face various trials, viewers worldwide will witness the unfolding drama and excitement, all vying for the coveted £1 million prize.

And as the anticipation builds for the inaugural season, the producers are already on the hunt for aspiring spies and adventurers for Season 2. This early search signifies the show’s ambition and the producers’ confidence in its appeal and success.

From McDonald’s to Succession to Middle Earth

Beyond his latest endeavor, Cox’s versatile presence is felt in commercials for McDonald’s and Direct TV in the US. Known for his straightforward and insightful answers, he lived up to his reputation in this GQ interview.

When it came to discussing compensation for his projects, Cox shared a lesson from his move to the United States, “British agents are always saying, ‘Well, you know, [the production] has got certain problems.’ I am not f**king interested in their problem. I’m only interested if they pay the money.”

Fans of Cox enjoyed his stellar performance in Succession, which recently bid adieu with its fourth and final season. Looking ahead, there is a buzz in the air as he is set to voice the lead role in the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie.