Bond 26 Moves a Step Closer After Hollywood Writers’ Strike Comes to an End

Bond 26 Moves a Step Closer After Hollywood Writers’ Strike Comes to an End

Over two years since Daniel Craig hung up his tuxedo, news on the next Bond movie has been somewhat flat, leaving Bond fans frustrated at the lack of news.

Some of the delay has been down to the Hollywood Writers’ Strike, but hold on to your martinis because the gears of Tinseltown are grinding back to life, possibly bringing us closer to news on the much-anticipated Bond 26.

Strike Resolution: A New Dawn in Hollywood

With the governing boards of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), both Eastern and Western branches, giving the green light to a contract agreement with a coalition of Hollywood’s most illustrious studios, streaming services, and production companies, the strike has finally been declared over.


On this journey through the picket lines and passionate negotiations, we’ve witnessed writers fighting for their just dues. The three-year agreement encapsulates significant victories including compensation, length of employment, and size of staffs.

The writers also managed to bring in regulation and control over artificial intelligence, ensuring AI-generated storylines won’t be competing with them for screen credits.

“Knowing that at least one of us has gotten a good deal gives a lot of hope that we will also get a good deal,” said Marissa Cuevas, capturing the optimism swirling in the air.

Uncertainty in the Actor’s Arena: A Lingering Pause

Late-night talk shows are gearing up to illuminate our screens once again, yet the more intricate world of scripted shows, where our beloved Bond resides, will take a tad longer. Actors, the lifeblood of films, still grace the picket lines, with negotiations hanging in the unknown, possibly adding to the delay of the next Bond actor.

Members of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), still amidst their strike, revisited the picket lines this Tuesday, marking their first return since the writers’ tentative agreement. A newfound sense of optimism was palpable among them, however.

Hollywood Writer's Strike

Marissa Cuevas, known for her role in The Big Bang Theory, shared, “For a hot second, I really thought that this was going to go on until next year. Knowing that at least one of us has gotten a good deal gives a lot of hope that we will also get a good deal.”

While the writers’ picket lines had been dismantled, they were rallied to walk in unity with the actors. Many heeded the call this Tuesday, including the mind behind Mad Men, Matthew Weiner. He joined the lines, as he has throughout the strikes, alongside friend and ER actor Noah Wyle.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Weiner noted, “We would never have had the leverage we had if SAG had not gone out. They were very brave to do it.”

Anticipation and Ink Flow: The Silver Screen Beckons Bond 26

While the pens of Hollywood writers are once again poised, Bond enthusiasts wait with bated breath for any whisper of news on the 26th installment. The conclusion of the writers’ strike brings us a step closer to uncovering the secrets of the next Bond film, allowing anticipation to build and leaving us yearning for the day when the iconic music will once again grace our ears, and the world of 007 will reveal its next thrilling adventure.

While no official announcement on Bond 26 has been made, this resolution propels us closer than ever to the unraveling of the next chapter in the iconic spy series.

For now, we remain on the edge of our seats, with the knowledge that behind the scenes, the cogs are turning, the ink is flowing, and news on the next James Bond is inching ever closer. Here’s to hoping we’ll be sipping our martinis, shaken, not stirred, in a theater near us, sooner rather than later.