The Secret Lair that Inspired the Creation of 007 Set for Cinematic Rebirth

The Secret Lair that Inspired the Creation of 007 Set for Cinematic Rebirth

Beneath the bustling streets of London, where every cobblestone harbours a whisper of the past, an ambitious vision is unfolding. The hidden corridors and shadowy corners of the historic Kingsway Telephone Exchange are set to experience a rebirth, as a keen-eyed investor envisions transforming these secret tunnels into a mesmerising attraction.

Australian-born Angus Murray, once an executive maestro at Macquarie Group Ltd., with a vision as bold as James Bond himself, harbours a £220 million dream to transform this historic warren into a spectacle as iconic as the London Eye, with shadows of Ian Fleming’s legacy echoing through its hallowed tunnels.

From Espionage to Silver Screens

Picture a clandestine world, veiled in secrecy and imbued with tales of subterfuge, now bathed in the glow of gigantic screens and cinematic wonders.


This transformation, orchestrated with a Fleming-esque flair by Murray through his London Tunnels Ltd, seeks to juxtapose the thrilling allure of Bond’s world with the immersive brilliance of Hollywood, forging potential alliances with industry giants such as Warner Bros. Discovery and Inc.

The historical tapestry of these tunnels is intricately woven with threads of the spy world and ingenious subterfuge, reminiscent of the adventures of 007.

Conceived amidst the echoes of the London Blitz, this subterranean realm played host to the Inter-Services Research Bureau, the cloak-and-dagger guise of the SOE, a treasure trove of stories and secrets that inspired Ian Fleming in creating the suave and daring James Bond.

Blending Blockbuster Brilliance with Bond’s Legacy

Murray envisions a realm where the iconic tales of Bond merge seamlessly with the grandeur of Hollywood blockbusters. “Who wouldn’t come here?” he asks, as he embarks on a journey to breathe life into the very tunnels.

Yet, the venture isn’t solely a pursuit of silver screens and cinematic dreams. Murray, like Fleming, appreciates the nuanced dance of shadows and light, history and innovation. The whispers of the Cold War will continue to reverberate, and the UK’s deepest bar will still murmur tales of clandestine rendezvous, reminiscent of Bond’s mysterious liaisons.

Murray has put up a £12 million personal investment, with further financing from his private equity firm Castlestone Management LLC.

The metamorphosis of the tunnels is expected to be complete by 2027, and Murray is pursuing collaborations with entertainment conglomerates like Walt Disney Co., Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Corp.

But, every cinematic odyssey faces its share of challenges. The labyrinthine nature of the tunnels, bereft of natural light, poses a potential quandary, according to Catherine Allen, founder of Limina Immersive, a research organization that specializes in the use of immersive technology

“In 2015, I queued for an immersive art exhibition in London, but the headsets smelt awful and the content made me and my colleagues dizzy,” Allen said. “At a separate immersive experience in the north of England in the mid-2010s, I witnessed a man have a panic attack while on one of the rides.”

Final Thoughts

Angus Murray’s audacious project promises to elevate London’s allure, transforming a clandestine relic into a luminous cinematic spectacle. Echoing through these subterranean chambers are whispers of Bond’s daring escapades, weaving a narrative as riveting as Ian Fleming’s tales.

If and when the tunnels are ready for tourism, it’ll be another intriguing tourist destination for Bond fans to visit and for future movie directors to explore.